Feeling so good I might burst

Disclaimer: Please stop reading this now and go to another thread if you find eternal optimism and perkiness nauseating.

It is an absolutely gorgeous fall day here today. It's warm (around +24C), sunny and the trees are golden and beautiful. I decided to heck with my housecleaning as there won't be too many of these days left, changed into my running gear, grabbed my iPod and off I went.

I ran 8km today and my knee didn't bother me one darned bit. My toenail is growing back nicely and it didn't hurt either. Got into a groove and felt like I could have run forever.

Pic 1 is my street and pic 2 is the tree on my boulevard. Aren't the colours gorgeous? Pic 3 is me just back from my run (umm....sorry about whatever's going on with my crotch there...just look away).

I'll leave you with the YouTube link to my current favourite song for running, Sola Rosa's "Turn Around" - gotta love a fantastic horn section, don't you?



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WIW: My Triple Play

I'm mixing three patterns today - before YLF I would never wear more than one. Angie - what are you doing to me??? (lol)

Denim Day at work so started the day with my jeans. My faded flares had to be re-thrifted as the first day I wore them they stretched out so bad they literally would not stay on. I found these jeans as a substitute for now although they are really more of a bootcut than a flare, but they fit beautiful and hubby likes the rear view!

I then added a blue/white pinstripe button down shirt with white cuff and collar (pattern 1), my new Streets Ahead animal print belt (pattern 2), my snakeskin handbag (pattern 3) and for footwear, my taupe peep toe booties. For jewelry, I'm wearing my gold watch and my newly thrifted gold ring.

In looking at the pics, I'm not sure the handbag works with this but it's too late to change it now. What do you think? Colours, patterns and proportions work ok? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Gain says "good morning"!

Shirt: thrifted (no label)
Jeans: thrifted (no label)
Belt: Streets Ahead (Angie pick)
Shoes: Boutique 9
Watch and ring: thrifted


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What I thrifted - nude booties

I seriously considered buying the Report Mark nude booties that Suz and others have when they were first out. Then I started coveting the DV Jousts when they started popping up. I was wanting nude booties but to be honest, wasn't really wanting to spend any serious money on them.

Well no need to worry about it any further - I found my nude booties with a slightly western feel to them (to feed my love of cowboy boots) at Value Village tonight for a whopping $7.99. Here they are - unstyled by the way. They are ridiculously comfortable and look unworn. The one weird thing is there is no brand identification on them ANYWHERE...whatever.

I also thrifted two very cool rings - one gold metallic one with three orange stones in it and one sterling silver one that is made of tiny flowers with an antique finish. Unfortunately the picture of the silver one doesn't really show anything.

Now I'm having a glass of wine - the very wine as shown in my last photo. Yummy Canadian malbec red...have a lovely evening my YLFers!


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WIW: Black, blue and purple booties

Today is the maiden voyage of this Jones New York skirt I bought at Sears a couple of weeks ago. It's a simple lined black pencil skirt but with a strip of cobalt blue at the bottom. I've paired it with a black jersey knit, cowl neck, dolman sleeve, zippered shoulder top that has ruching on each hip and absolutely lovely draping. I love the way this top feels on and how it hides any imperfections. Because the cowl is a little low for work, I've popped a cami underneath. For footwear, I decided to wear my blue-purple Play Aerosole booties (an Angie recommendation last fall) for just another shot of colour. For handbag, it made perfect sense to use my yellow & cobalt snakeskin clutch. Jewelry is a simple gold mesh bangle.

I know booties with skirts/dresses on shorties like me isn't to everyone's taste but it's definitely my favourite footwear combination.

What do you think? Colours and proportions work? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Top: Lori Michael Collection (Winner's)
Skirt: Jones New York (Sears)
Booties: Aerosole
Handbag: Trouve
Bangle: Michael Kors
Nude microfishnets: Hue


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WIW: White Denim & Fur Vest

It's going to be a gorgeous fall day here - fairly warm later in the day but cool in the morning. In other words, it's the perfect day to finish off my white denim and add in my fur vest!

With my white denim, I've aded my blue J Jill silk blouse (I also have the mauve) and for some happy patterned feet, my animal print Doc Darcies (waving to Janet). My Fossil handbag was added as it works beautifully with these shoes. And then over top everything, my newly acquired faux fur vest. The vest photographs a little dark, looking almost black, but it is indeed a dark espresso brown.

So what do you think? colours and proportions work ok? does the vest work with this ensemble? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Vest: Jeanne Bekker
Blouse: J Jill
Jeans: Jeanne Bekker
Shoes: Doc Martens Darcies
Handbag: Fossill


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WIW: "Autumnizing" the summer frock

I bought this sleeveless summer dress from Cleo Petite with the full intention of wearing it year round - on its own or with a light topper in summer and then with booties and a heavier topper in fall, and then finally with tights, boots and topper for winter.

Today is the autumn version. Plus it's the debut of my black leather jacket which I can tell already is going to become a favourite. To add even more "edge" to the dress and leather jacket combo, I've added my Doc Marcies for footwear ("hello Marcie - I've missed you!) and a black patent faux croc leather handbag. Jewelry is limited to two rings.

I feel great in this outfit and a little bit bad a**. What do you think? Proportions work? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Leather jacket: Danier Leather
Dress: Cleo Petites
Boots: Doc Martens Marcies
Handbag: Danier Leather (thrifted)
Rings: Lia Sophia


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WIW: Shades of Brown

Nothing fancy today - just a basic outfit really. I started with my espresso brown Esprit trousers and then added my Gap rust coloured short sleeve knit that has an interesting beaded detail at the neckline. For accessories I added my vintage men's tribal belt and my snakeskin handbag, as well as my gold watch for jewelry. For footwear, my Naturalizer brown booties that I've had for at least 4 years. I'm going to be so sad when they finally die because they are so comfortable and were the first pair of booties I purchased.

In looking at the pics I think this handbag might be too light for this outfit and maybe I should have gone with the Fossil one.

What do you think? Colours and proportions ok? Is the handbag too light? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

P.S. forgot to take a pic but my outerwear today is my ink blue faux leather jacket.

Top: Gap
Trousers: Esprit
Booties: Naturalizer
Belt: vintage (thrifted)
Handbag: Elliott Lucca
Watch: thrifted


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K/R Fur Vest #2 and Lord & Taylor pants

...ok, but let me explain...after yesterday's disaster with the "gorilla" vest, I really thought the fur vest trend was NOT for me. i went off to my local Gap and returned the furry beasts and had to walk back to my car through The Bay. I saw this Jeanne Bekker fur vest on the first rack into The Bay and literally gasped out loud. It's sleek, has some sheen, is a very dark espresso brown, is elegant, fits very well and best of all - I don't think I resemble a single zoo animal! The SA said it looked fantastic on me, which I took with a grain of salt but then another female shopper wearing the most stunning navy sweater dress said "if you don't buy that vest right away, you're crazy". So it came home with me.

Here are two quick stylings representative of a couple of ways I would wear the vest - with skinnies and boots, and over dresses. This is not an inexpensive item so want to be sure. BTW - it got the thumbs up for the entire family. Hubby in particular said it looked fab.

The trousers are Lord & Taylor simple black knit blend. There are no front or side pockets and they zip up the side. There are two back welt pockets. I love the simple clean look of these and how they actually sit fairly low on me. They are incredibly comfortable. I know black doesn't photograph well but I hope you can get an idea of fit. To me the fit is pretty much perfect. I know they aren't quite cigarette trousers but I do like them. My question is regarding the length - they are actually a shorter length trouser, as seems to be the trend in many brands. If I keep them, do I leave the length as is or do I take down the inch hem allowance and make them a wee bit longer? and is the width of the leg ok? should I have Wonder Woman taper the trousers a bit more to make them a true cigarette trouser?

Ok - up to you ladies: keep or return on the vest and the trousers?

BTW the blouse is a fab silk blouse I picked up at Banana Republic for next to a song. It feels divine against the skin, is a petite and a lovely cream colour with little gold keys on it.


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WIW: to return the gorilla vests

Heading off to Gap to return the fur vests and then get groceries. Started off with these dark wash straight leg jeans, added my abstract multi coloured long sleeved jersey knit top with blues/purples/white/black in it, then topped it all with my cognac faux leather jacket. For a handbag I've added more cognac with my Fossil re-issue vintage handbag and then for footwear, my Blowfish wedge black booties. Jewelry is a vintage amber necklace that hubby gave me for Christmas.

I'm comfortable and ready for the day. What do you think? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket: Revolution
Blouse: Attitude by Jay Manuel
Jeans: Reitmans
Booties: Blowfish
Handbag: Fossil
Necklace: gift


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WIW: Pushing my comfort zone - again! (ETA new pic added)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but not only have I made peace with my BF, I've totally embraced him! So for casual day at work today, I'm wearing my BFs with a dark purple tank and topped it with my Gap leather asymmetrical leather jacket that has these cool "flaps" in the front. For footwear, I'm wearing my Clarks taupe/olive lace up boots. Then for accessories I've added my vintage men's tribal belt, gold mesh cuff and my Grandmother's locket. For the finishing touch, I'm wearing my snakeskin handbag today.

Does this work? How are the proportions and all of the elements together? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket: Gap
Tank: Gap
Jeans: Gap Sexy Boyfriend
Belt: thrifted
Boots: Clarks
Handbag: Elliott Lucca
Locket: heirloom

Update: I noticed from the pictures that the jeans were sitting a little too high. I've undone the belt a notch so that they are sitting much lower - thank goodness for pictures!

The last picture is one Kristin took for me quick at work with the pants sitting lower. Much better I think.


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