Black Blazer - thoughts?

I'm still searching for a replacement black blazer for the one I have which is showing some wear and tear after three years of heavy rotation. I'm looking for "classic with a twist" - a classic shape but with something a wee bit different than a typical 2-3 button blazer.

I adore the Alexander Wang blazer that CocoLion posted here but alas, my neck is a bit too short for the style and I suspect I'm a bit too large for the size offering.

I have had this one in my eBay cart from my favorite seller for a few weeks now. It is Eileen Fisher in petite sizing; open front (no fastener) with an interesting "lapel"; no bells and whistles but not completely "corporate" either.

Thoughts on this type of neckline for me?

And Denise (CocoLion) - if you see this, I am also still considering the Studio blazer from Express which you have and I think would work on my short upper torso.

ETA: And sorry to be a bit of a forum hog in the last few days - getting back into the creativity of style and LOVING it!


WIW: Ankle pants & flats

Continuing with wearing older items in new ways, my outfit started with these EF crepe ankle pants. These have been major workhorses for the past two years.

I normally wear these rolled so more ankle shows but I actually preferred them full length in this outfit - more akin to a cigarette pant this way.

I paired the pants with this new-to-me Tahari silk overlay sleeveless blouse I thrifted last week. I absolutely love the fluidity of this blouse! The band around the neck and the under portion is black and then the overlay portion is navy with a turquoise and emerald snakeskin design on the left side. The back of the overlay is split so it hangs beautifully. Score for $11.99!

I then popped on my new black Vionic flats - the half size up arrived yesterday and they are perfect! I have never been able to wear flats comfortably so this is so exciting :)

A gold mesh Michael Kors cuff, navy vintage Coach leather handbag and red specs/red lip round out the outfit.

All comments/suggestions are welcome :)


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WIW: Thanks to Mary, Cheryle & Carla

I was inspired by Mary, Cheryle and Carla's olive cargo pant outfits that they've shown us the last couple of days so knew I had to bust out my olive cargo pants too! Plus these pants fit into my personal challenge of wearing older items in new ways.

Sadly I don't have either gingham shirt or a striped top so paired with my dark olive skinny Cargo pants is my white drapey blouse - semi tucked on one side to create an asymmetrical hem.

I topped that with my Levi denim jacket and scrunched sleeves. Although it's crazy hot here right now, this jacket is necessary in my cold office.

I chose my nude peep toe sandal booties (best summer purchase) to lengthen my leg line and then grabbed my taupe/cream snakeskin Elliott Lucca handbag (waving to bag twin MsMary) to book end the footwear.

I'm debating adding a long necklace to break up the expanse of white in the blouse - what do you think?

As always, all comments/suggestions on my outfit are welcome :)


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WIW: Black & blue with new shoes

Continuing my challenge to wear older items in new ways - today started with my navy EF front draped dress, in its second full year of wear.

Today I topped the blue dress with my black drapery crepe sleeveless vest. I'm surprised by how much this vest has turned into a workhorse. Again, the sleeves of the dress aren't ideal with the vest but I think it's JFE.

I then chose my new Vionic wedge pumps for footwear - yay for happy feet! I decided on my Trouvé olive/cobalt/black clutch for my handbag. I think this might be my first purchase after I joined YLF so it's about 4 years old.

I'm feeling love for my jewelry again so am wearing a dangly bracelet with beads in various shades of blue and silver and abalone shell.

As always, all comments/suggestions welcome :)


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Bootie Possibilities

In my constant search for comfortable but still stylish footwear, I've come across these fall booties at Hudson's Bay. Booties (any type of boots really) are major wardrobe workhorses in my climate (right Suz?). I'm in boots of one type or another from October through to end of April most years. Since that's a really long season, I like a good variety so I don't get too bored.

Based on particular comfort and support needs, what I have left in my current boot wardrobe is:

  • Mid calf black lace up heeled Doc Martens
  • Knee high Hush Puppy cognac riding-style
  • Knee high Blondo quilted black flat
  • Red ankle Sam Edelman (these haven't been tested for a full day of comfort for a while now so will see...)
  • Ankle wedge sand colored Toms (very casual and more like a wedge sneaker in style)
What I think will no longer work and still in my closet:
  • Sam Edelman flat ankle python booties - no arch support and unable to accommodate an orthotic
  • Black Clarks Chelsea boots - no arch support. Too bad 'cause otherwise very comfortable
  • Mid calf sand colored suede western style - I think the heel might be too high now but unsure (can't remember the brand at the moment)
So looking at the finds I've popped down below, the burgundy booties would be potential replacements for the red SE's if they no longer work. Can you believe these burgundy beauties are Hush Puppy??? Incredibly comfortable brand for me.

The gold metallic Joie booties could be the replacement for the SE python Petty booties. I've been wanting to add a touch of metallic somewhere.

And the black Aquatalia's would be the Clarks Chelsea replacements - plus they would be better quality and waterproof.

I had mentioned to Angie in an earlier post that the majority of my wardrobe budget this year would be going towards replacing all of my worn out and/or uncomfortable footwear. No more unhappy feet for me. Of course, the purchase of these new items hinges on fit and comfort. Thoughts or comments?


WIW: A Sort of White Summer Suit

Continuing in my personal challenge to wear older items in newer ways - today's older item is my white blazer.

I wore this blazer a ton last summer and the summer before but have only worn it once this year. Today I decided to try it with white capris to make a white summer suit.

I wanted a high contrast blouse and chose my sleeveless EF charcoal silk tunic top.

I've added my bone sandal shoes and citron handbag, as well as my taupe/silver wrap watch and silver pendant to round out the outfit.

Would love your thoughts on this combo as I'm not sure it works. All comments/suggestion welcome.


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Shoes - comfort = dowdy?

Y'all know my foot woes - bunions, narrow heel but wide forefoot and most importantly, PF(which is slowly getting better but definitely still evident).

I have recently purchased three items from Vionic that have been foot savers - house slippers (no more bare feet on hardwood floors for me), walking shoe and black sandals. What's great about the brand for me is the arch is in exactly the right place and high enough for stellar support. The shoes accommodate my custom orthotics but honestly, their footbed is almost identical to my orthotic.

I am finding no longer being able to wear funky and edgier footwear is cramping my style. But I need to get my head around it because I have no desire to return to the horrendous pain I was having in my feet.

I have recently ordered and received two more pairs of Vionic shoes as once Fall arrives, sandals will be put away and I'll need to return to "real" shoes. I'm also looking at ordering and trying a pair of Vionic black booties since I'm not sure my lovely patent Ara booties will still work for me.

The pics below are the two I've received - first up are the ballet flats. I need to go up half a size as they are a bit too snug. The second pair is a heeled wedge that fits perfectly out of the box.

So my question to all of you is - can these look stylish with my wardrobe while not being trendy? Or should I keep on looking?


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WIW: new combination for older items

I have a bit of a challenge for myself this month (thanks for the challenge push Carter!) to wear older wardrobe items in new combinations. My wardrobe isn't huge my any means and I tend to get stuck on wearing things the same way which then makes me feel like my wardrobe is even smaller. Need to get more creative!

Today's outfit started with my cobalt pencil skirt that's going on 3 (or is it 4?) years old. I paired it with a cobalt tank. I bought 4 Lord & Taylor tanks early in the summer in black, white, lilac and cobalt and they have been indispensable layering pieces.

On top of that, I popped on my black blouse thingy. I like how enough of the cobalt tank shows so it looks like I have a cobalt dress underneath.

I chose my quilted black/cream/cobalt handbag and then my black Naot cross strap shoes to finish off the outfit.

As always, all thoughts/comments/suggestions for improvement welcome.


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WIW: Shorts to the office

Today's outfit started with my new EF black silk shorts. We're allowed to wear dressy shorts to the office on Fridays so I'm taking advantage.

I love these shorts as they are a silk blend that just feels amazing against the skin and they move so beautifully when you stride. They are also a longer length and have some fullness so they almost act like culottes.

I added a black leather belt and then tucked my cream silk EF tee. On top of that, I've added my black crepe EF drapery vest. I prefer the vest with a sleeveless top but didn't have one that worked here.

Now this outfit is a fair bit of drape and fluidity so I've added some structure with my nude peep toe booties and snakeskin handbag. As well, my bare arms and legs provide some structure.

Gold watch, red specs and red lip finish off the outfit.

The shorts and tee were purchased on our recent vacation and have already proven to be indispensable wardrobe workhorses.

As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Shorts, tee & vest: Eileen Fisher
Shoes: Steve Madden
Handbag: Elliott Lucca


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