WIW: Shades of White

Angie - I have a HUGE thank you for introducing me to the concept of white and cream. Not just in the warm summer months, but also in winter. I did have that old wive's tail in my head about no white after Labour Day….ridiculous! So today's outfit combines three different shades of white/cream in your honour :)

The outfit started with my bootcut jeans to which I added my green/blue/cream camp inspired top (BTW after seeing the pictures and how sheer the front of the top is, I added a cami). On top of that, I added my white leather jacket. Then for footwear, I went with these newly thrifted bone mid calf cow-girlish boots. I fell for these light coloured beauties the moment I saw them and the fact that they are a 10 out of 10 on the comfort scale and are all leather just added to my love. I like the light coloured toe peeking out from under the jeans. To add the third white element, I chose my large light cream leather handbag.

I'm really happy with how this turned out for a Casual Friday - what do you think? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket & handbag: Danier Leather
Top: Dex
Jeans: Jessica Simpson
Boots: Heavenly Feet (thrifted)


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WIW: Oversized Sweater

Today I'm working on cleaning up some files in my soon-to-be past job so comfy and casual was the dress code for the day. 

It's still cold as heck out so started the outfit with these thick and warm tights topped with my dark denim pencil skirt. Added to that, I went with this merino wool striped oversized sweater. This sweater was oversized last year, but this winter is seriously so - see how it's just a large square? But it drapes nicely and works well to debombshell a pencil skirt. 

I chose my knee high flat boots for footwear 'cause my sprained ankle has been bugging me a bit with the high heels I've been wearing and am giving it a break today. My large cream handbag finishes off the outfit, picking up the white stripe in the sweater.

When I head out the door, I'll be wearing my red puffer coat with white scarf and gloves - toasty warm.

So what do you think of this ensemble? does it work? is the sweater too oversized looking or can I still wear it? As alway, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Sweater: Lord & Taylor
Pencil skirt: Revolutions (thrifted)
Tights: Hue
Boots: Blondo
Handbag: Danier Leather
Puffer: Lands End


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WIW: Faux Fur for -43

We are in a serious deep freeze right now and hit a low last night of -43 Celcius with windchill. Apparently it's not going to get any warmer today…sigh…

Definitely the perfect day to wear my faux fur vest. I started with that item in mind and built the outfit around it. I chose my burgundy skinnies and paired them with a simple black knit with 3/4 sleeves and added a semi tuck and black leather belt. I went with my patent black booties for footwear and my black leather handbag with gold hardware. My rose gold/black watch and gold wedding band round out the outfit. I have to thank Denise (CocoLion) for this outfit. In my thread figuring out different ways to wear my burgundy skinnies, she suggested the fur vest with black underneath, keeping the outfit simple. Thanks Denise :)

When I head out the door, I'll be wearing my long red puffer, faux burberry scarf, gloves and my winter boots. I carry my indoor footwear to and from work every day (along with my lunch).

So what do you think of this outfit? Does it all work together? My happiness factor is pretty darned high with this ensemble I must admit. As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Vest: Jeanne Bekker
Pullover: Sears
Skinnies: Attitude by Jay Manuel
Belt & handbag: Danier Leather
Booties: Ara


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WIW: The Power of Basics

I am finally realizing the power of basics in my wardrobe and today's outfit really demonstrates that IMHO.

I'm wearing a pair of simple fluid black trousers paired with a heavier knit tank. I've added fairly simple black insulated shooties and a black leather belt. These items fit how I want them to and provide a classic background with an updated silhouette. I'm then free to top it all with one of my fun jackets - and today I chose my cobalt with black leather trim cropped moto. 

I will also always be a blazer girl - I have many and am always on the lookout for another fab fitting option. I wear one almost every day at work and on weekends, even pop them on with a tee and jeans. They are the backbone of my style.

When I head out the door today, I'll be wearing my knee length red Lands End puffer coat 'cause it is -40 Celcius with the windchill…brrrrr…….

So what do you think of today's outfit? Are you also realizing the beauty of basics? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Moto jacket: Vince Camuto
Tank: Sears
Trousers: Attitude by Jay Manuel
Shooties: Clarks
Puffer: Lands End
Handbag: Danier Leather


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WIW: Navy & Green

Happy Monday everyone - if there is such a thing! (lol)

Today's outfit started with my wool blend blackwatch tartan trousers - definitely one of my favourite purchases for fall/winter. Last week I picked up a couple of drapey tees for layering, one in green specifically to wear with these trousers. I then topped the green tee with my navy Lanai blazer. I love the colour combination and fluidity in the outfit. For footwear I chose my black patent booties (another favourite purchase for the season) and went with my navy vintage handbag and a vintage gold bracelet for accessories. It makes me smile to wear a fairly modern outfit and then juxtapose that with a couple of vintage touches.

What do you think? does this all work together? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

I also wanted to show you the fab gifts from my Secret Santa - a trio of beautiful and warm socks (in animal print and zebra print no less!) and this fantastic little mini emergency kit with sewing thread, lip balm, wipes, nail file, tampon, etc. You name it, it's tucked into this brilliant little package. Thank you so much my Secret Santa :)

I'm not sure how my participation is going to be on the forum over the next month with the frenzy of finishing up what I can in my present job and changing over to the new one. I hope it isn't bad forum etiquette to still post my outfits but not always be able to provide much in commentary on others' threads? And my sincere thanks to all of your wonderful wishes and congratulations on my new job thread in Off Topics. You are all WONDERFUL!!!

Blazer: Theory (eBay)
Tee: Gap
Trousers: Lord & Taylor
Boots: Ara
Handbag & bracelet: vintage shop


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WIW: Chunky Knit & Leather Puffer

What does a gal wear on Casual Friday when it's -31 with a windchill? A chunky knit and a leather down filled puffer coat!

Today's outfit started with this "faux turtleneck" chunky knit sweater in a soft cream colour. I can't stand turtlenecks on me - I always feel like I'm being choked. But this cowl-turtle hybrid is perfect for still keeping my neck warm while not being too tight.

Paired with the sweater, I chose my TR Cameron slim BF jeans and chose a snakeskin belt for the semi tuck. I love how this sweater is warm and thick but soft enough to drape.

For footwear I went with my beige wedge Toms - I have sprayed them several times with waterproof spray so they are fine to wear out in the snow. Plus the grip is surprisingly good.

To finish off the outfit, I am using my snakeskin handbag and am wearing my rose gold/black watch and gold wedding band.

When I head outdoors, everything will be topped with this cobalt leather down-filled puffer coat. I realize this coat is not traditionally flattering - it is seriously "puffy" but when you're going out at -31, I'm thinking more about keeping warm. I love the bright cheery colour, the gigantic collar, the two-way zipper and c'mon….it's LEATHER!

So what do you think? Good for a cold Casual Friday? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Sweater: Nygard (thrifted)
Belt: Olsen Europe (thrifted)
Jeans: True Religion
Boots: Toms
Handbag: Elliott Lucca
Watch: Fossil
Puffer Coat: Danier Leather


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WIW: Black & Purple for Final Interview

Well ladies…I've made it to the final stage of interviewing for my dream job (there are only so many dream jobs available for those of us without university education). I made it past the initial HR telephone interview, was short listed to those interviewed in person, and made it past that stage to now have a one-on-one "informal conversation" with the President & CEO of the Hospital where I am seeking to move to. I was told a suit was definitely not necessary since this was very informal.

Of course, I still wanted to look professional but add a wee bit of spunk. I started with my BR black sheath dress and topped it with my purple Amber Sun jacket (love the retro sensibilities of this jacket). I then added purple tights to echo the jacket and add a bit of personality. Plus we're in the stormy deepfreeze now and these tights are very warm. Because the interview is at a different hospital than the one I work at now, I will be venturing outside so warm but dressy boots were required - I went for my old and trusty knee high Clarks. I chose my black/white leather handbag and silver wedding band and bangle for jewelry. I am also wearing the necklace my hubby gave me for my 50th so I could feel his support with me. When I step outside I will have my berry cashmere coat and white scarf/white gloves on.

So what do you think? Does this evoke confident, professional but a bit of an individual kind of style? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

BTW you sure can see how wonky my left knee is in in that second photo. My goodness…

Blazer: Amber Sun
Dress: Banana Republic
Tights: Hue
Boots: Clarks
Handbag: Danier Leather (thrifted)


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WIW: Gold and animal

Today's outfit started with my espresso brown wide legged trousers (unfortunately they read as black in the photos but are brown IRL). I then added my gold metallic sweater, semi tucked with an animal print belt. I chose my brown booties for footwear (at least 8 years old) and went with my snakeskin clutch for my handbag to add another pattern. Jewelry is my rose gold/black watch and gold wedding band.

I went with my Quo lip gloss for a change today, which is a lovely soft reddish colour and a metallic day-time smokey eye. 

So what do you think? Does this work together and proportions ok? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Sweater and trousers: Esprit
Boots: Naturalizer
Clutch: Gift from sweet Sona
Watch: Fossil


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WIW: Black & Jewelled Silk

I love this silk jewelled print tank - it feels amazing on the skin and I adore the blush background with dark purple, blue and green mixed in. Today I decided to pair it with all black in a simple outfit so that the top is the star.

I chose my black skinnies (sister to the burgundy skinnies) and my black leather blazer to go with the tank and for footwear, went with my chunky Doc Marcies. My black round-top handbag and gold wedding band round out the outfit.

So what do you think? Does this all work together? Too much black? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Blazer & handbag: Danier Leather
Tank: Olsen Europe
Boots: Doc Martens
Skinnies: Attitude by Jay Manuel


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