EF Cardigan Revealed

A while back, I posted about this Eileen Fisher drapey cardigan I fell in love with (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....me-in-this) and there were some questions as to whether this was an item that could work with my style - valid questions as this is definitely a different kind of piece for me.

It arrived yesterday but in our home frenzy, I didn't even have a chance to try it on until just now. First of all, the eBay seller I bought this from was stellar and I can't believe the price I got this cardigan for, which was still in its original package with price tag on.

The merino wool is extremely soft and lightweight but I can tell the sweater will have some warmth to it when the cold months arrive. I'm intending on using it for both dressier outfits at work and with jeans/tees for casual.

I've quickly done a few stylings of the sweater over top my black sheath dress and with my Doc Martens Marcie boots, one of my favourite pair of boots to wear with dresses in the winter. 

The sweater fits beautifully (Petite Large). I could have probably gone with a Petite Medium but I like that there is room for me to layer over top a thicker and sleeved under layer so I'm fine with that. I am showing it both loose, with a wide belt (might be better with a thinner belt) and crossed over and pinned with a vintage brooch so that it resembles a cowl neck sweater over the dress.

To say I love this sweater would be an understatement. It is soft, comfy, warm and versatile. Stepping outside your comfort zone can sometimes be a bit empowering. I'm definitely keeping it - but will admit, I'm still curious about what you think.

Over to you ladies...


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WIW: To Recover

Finally got to bed just after 5:00 a.m. this morning following DS's grad dinner & dance. I've managed to get some sleep and drink 2 large cups of coffee and am back in the land of the living. So glad hubby and I booked today off as a vacation day! Plus it's a long weekend in Canada so 4 days off - whoo hoo!

Today's outfit is obviously super casual since we're just hanging around the house today. Everything I'm wearing was thrifted last week when I popped into my local Value Village to scope out casual wear - I usually find shorts, tanks and tees via thrifting and since I'm extremely hard on my summer casual clothes, I prefer not to spend too much money in that area.

I'm wearing a pair of bright red Bermuda jean shorts and a fabulous 100% silk coral-red and cream Ikat type print tank. For footwear, I've got on a great little pair of thong sandals - also thrifted last week.

This is pretty much the type of outfit I live in (outside of work obviously) in our hot and humid summers. What do you think? does it work? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Silk tank: Velvet (thrifted)
Shorts: Roadrunner Jeans (thrifted)
Sandals: Christian Siriano for Payless (thrifted)


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WIW: Grad Dinner & Dance

My husband and I just got home from DS's grad dinner & dance. The graduates stay there until midnight when the bus takes them to Safe Grad. Then we have to go and pick our son up at 4:00 a.m. from the club that Safe Grad is taking place at. It's been a looooooooong day!

Anyway - here's what I wore to the festivities. I started with my navy lace sleeveless dress and wore/carried a navy taffeta wrap (made by Wonder Woman). i wore my taupe pointy toe kitten heels for footwear - originally I was going to wear a pair of strappy heels but I really wanted my feet to be comfy and happy so went with these pumps. And I'm glad I did - we were parked quite the distance from the hotel. My handbag is a new blush coloured leather clutch with gold studs on the handle. Jewelry was my gold wedding ring and a large cocktail ring on the other hand. I was really happy with how my outfit felt appropriate but not over-the-top. I felt both elegant and comfortable. 

Pic #4 is DS in his "finery". Poor boy really has to work on getting the tie knot right - lol! But I thought he looked very handsome. Can you tell he really REALLY hates to have his picture taken?

Pic #5 is DS and I - as you can tell, he doesn't get his height from me!

Pic #6 - a random gentleman in the hotel lobby offered to take this pic. It's not well taken nor particularly flattering, but hey - it's still hubby, DS and I :)

Well there you have it. A milestone for our family under our belt. Now onward...


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WIW: Double Tassel Fun

Quick post and run this morning - today's outfit started with my LBD sheath dress. I wanted to wear flats as I'll be in heels all night tonight at DS's grad dinner & dance, so I chose my every so comfy gold metallic flats. Then I decided to play up the gold by adding my gold watch and a long gold necklace with a tassel at the end. For my handbag, I decided to go with my bright yellow clutch for a pop of colour and some double tassel fun.

Hope you like it! As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jean jacket: Brody Jeans (thrifted)
Dress: Banana Republic
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini
Clutch: Gap
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Watch: thrifted


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WIW: To Convocation

Today is my son's High School Convocation. This is the dressy-casual event. The more formal dinner and dance is tomorrow evening.

The Graduates had to be at the church earlier this morning to get ready in the caps and gowns and have a quick rehearsal so I don't have a picture of DS. He's wearing his black dress pants, black leather shoes and belt and a white/charcoal grey pinstripe dress shirt. Ties are not required for this. He looked quite handsome as he ran out the door with his best friend this morning.

I had planned to wear my cobalt pencil skirt and knit tank with my floral Club Monaco jacket over top but in the end, decided to pair the cobalt skirt with the cream/navy polka dot blouse my son bought me for Mother's Day last year. I felt like wearing something he gave me for the event. I'm really happy with how the the skirt and blouse look together.

For footwear I've got on my taupe laceless peep-toe oxfords and my handbag consists of my white leather clutch. Gold wedding ring and a gold mesh bangle completes the outfit.

Heading off to the church in about half an hour - time for a cup of coffee first. What do you think of this outfit? All comments/suggestions welcome.

Blouse: gift from DS
Skirt: Cleo Petite
Shoes: Boutique 9
Clutch: Danier Leather
Bangle: Michael Kors


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Fluevog Fever (a.k.a. NOT a K/R)

A few days ago I posted about these Fluevog pointy toe animal print/black leather flats (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ou-have-to) and promptly ordered them. I was somewhat concerned because of the issues with Fluevog sizing but knew I could return them for credit or exchange should they not fit and ordered them anyway.

Well they arrived today and I AM IN LOVE :) They fit perfectly. The toe is quite long and pointy (my Dad would use his favourite expression about pointy toes "you could kick the eye out of a snake with that shoe"...what can I say, he's an old farmer - lol!) but I actually really like the exaggerated toe. I have quite small feet with short toes and I feel like these shoes give me some presence and I can see them proudly poking out from underneath some trousers. These are for fall/winter but had to show them to you now. And if they are comfy with me shoving my heat-swollen-slightly-sweaty barefeet into them, they'll be even better on a normal day.

Sorry for the bad pics but hopefully you get the idea...Suz....what have you started??? LOL!


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WIW: Cold Shoulders & White

I don't know why I haven't worn this cold shoulder top yet this summer - I bought it last year and love the chaotic and psychedelic colours. It's got dolman sleeves and a slouchy top which then comes down to a fitted bottom. 

I've paired this colourful top with my white fitted jeans cuffed to show my silver/bone sandals. I'm using my cream satchel handbag today and have added a pink vintage Bakelite bracelet for jewelry.

Happiness factor? Extremely high.

What do you think? does it all work together? I'm not sure the top is flattering on me - what are your thoughts? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Top: Laura Petites
Jeans: Reitmans
Shoes: Fugitive
Handbag: Danier Leather
Bracelet: vintage


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Boot Bookending

We often talk on this forum about book ending our footwear with either something in the top half of our outfit or with our hair. And we have also talked at great length about nude or blonde footwear. 

I have become a complete convert of the nude (for me) footwear concept with my taupe patent pointy toe pumps - which I do not book end with anything. I have also fallen in love with light colored footwear for summer with my bone/silver sandals and my bone laser cut oxfords.

This has me thinking about light colored boots for fall/winter. I had to purge my light beige suede ankle boots due to the high heel height but I really liked how they could make a fall and winter outfit look less heavy when worn with nude micro fishnets. 

So could light colored boots work for me? Something like these?


WIW: Slouchy with lace

Hmmm...in looking at this outfit, it isn't very summery, is it? Oh well...too late to change it now and I do like the combination.

The outfit started with my blue lace moto jacket which is over top of my asymmetrical ruched tank. The tank is paired with my slouchy trousers and on my feet, my black pointy toe kitten heel pumps. For my handbag, I'm wearing LBB.

What do you think? Not summery enough? Does it all work together? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket: INC
Tank: Attitude by Jay Manuel
Trousers: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Handbag: Danier Leather


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YLF + Wonder Woman = Match Made in Heaven

A little while back, I posted about trying to decide on what to wear to my son's High School graduation dinner & dance (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....nner-dance). By the end of the discussion, I had decided on a black dress with lace panel in the front.

But I tried it on again a few days ago and just wasn't feeling the love for the dress. I find it much too low cut in the front and felt I would not be comfortable in it. Plus I'm very conscious of not wearing anything that might make my son feel uncomfortable.

I kept looking at the blue lace dress which I have loved from the moment I first tried it on. Several of you suggested I take it to Wonder Woman and see what she could do. So I took your advice and off to Wonder Woman I went. She has altered the dress amazingly - again! She widened the arm holes just ever so slightly so that they do not cut into my underarms, took in the lower hips where the dress was now too big and let out the waist by about 1/4" which made the whole dress just skim my body beautifully. That woman could made a burlap sack look fabulous. 

When I took the dress to see about alterations, she asked me what I was using for a wrap should the A/C be too chilly. I told her I had a charcoal sparkly one I could use. In her heavy accent and broken English she promptly said "oh no....not classy enough" and then started to clap her hands and headed to the back room. She came out with a beautiful piece of navy taffeta with raw edges that she had left over from another project. It matched the dress perfectly and is sheer and just shiny enough. She said she could cut the piece the right length and width and finish the edges to make a wrap. I completely agreed - it is absolutely stunning with the dress. She was so right. And the crispness of the taffeta gives the wrap a bit of a structural integrity which is fab against the lace of the dress. 

I'm going to wear my taupe patent pointy toe kitten heels to the dinner/dance because I want my feet to be happy and to be able to dance the evening away with my son and husband. I'm going to pair the shoes with my new blush with gold stud leather clutch. I tried everything on this afternoon and couldn't be happier with the outfit. It's comfortable, classy, won't look like anyone else's and most importantly, won't embarrass my son. I couldn't get a picture of the "trial run" as my son has the camera at a local car show but promise to take a picture on the day to post.

So big THANKS to those of you who suggested I try and work with my favourite dress and another big THANKS to Wonder Woman - who I hope never moves away!