"W-Hair to go in 2015?

As in what direction am I heading with my hairstyle? I'm working on growing out the top and fringe from my usual shorter asymmetrical pixie. I know that the hair trends for 2015 includes longer but I honestly cannot do too long - I don't have the face for it nor the patience to work with it.

I'm hoping that a slightly longer pixie-shag hybrid like the style in pic #1 is stylish enough? And of course, I love LOVE Jennifer Lawrence's messy pixie in pic #2.

Thoughts anyone? Suggestions?


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WIW: Fluidity & Structure

Fluidity & Structure - this is the style direction I started to explore in 2014. At times, there was too much fluidity - and sometimes fluid got confused with volume. Through trial and error and YLF wise feedback, I figured out the level of fluid I enjoy wearing and how I enjoy it even more when combined with a touch of structure. This will be my style direction heading into 2015.

Today's outfit started with my fluid drape front black EF trousers. I paired the trousers with a fluid fit black/blue/purple/light grey blouse and then grounded all that fluidity with the structure of my trusty black leather blazer. I chose my black patent booties for footwear which I am thrilled to say are quite comfortable again thanks to my custom orthotics. And then for one more structured item and a pop of pretty colour, I'm wearing my citron handbag. To say I love this handbag is an understatement and I suspect you're going to get quite sick of seeing it! Red specs, swipe of lipstick and silver wedding band finish off the outfit.

I want to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you to the YLF members and Angie in particular - 2014 was a year of adjustment for me. Changing jobs after being in my previous position for 16 years was much more difficult than I had bargained for. There was anxiety which every once in a while kicked my self esteem to the curb. Thanks to your wisdom, humour and patience, I seem to have come through the other side and am excited about what 2015 holds for me. I wish all of you a Happy New Year and hope your dreams come true in 2015 :)


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Out of curiosity what do you think of ponchos?

Ponchos are one of those clothing items that usually elicits a visceral reaction - you either love 'em or you hate 'em. No in between.

I find I'm suddenly drawn to outfits with ponchos. Now I'm not talking Clint Eastwood "spaghetti western" ponchos that look like you're wearing a horse blanket. Nor am I talking the boho style with tons of fringe and beads that could pass for a macrame crafts project.

I'm talking sleek not bulky. Something in soft merino wool. A poncho that doesn't overwhelm and that leaves your arms able to eat and no disastrous toilet mishaps. Yes. I'm talking Eileen Fisher ponchos - like you hadn't guessed!

The two pictured below are ones that I keep staring at. I almost always wear a topper of some type - could something like this be an alternative for a drapey cardigan? I could see the first one with a long tee and jeans or pencil skirt and the second one with slim trousers, pencil skirt or even popped over a dress (don't worry about the color - this is just generally about the style).

Do you need a specific body type to wear a poncho? i.e. would a petite apple just look pregnant in this? Is it better to be smaller busted? Tall and slim?

So what are your thoughts when it comes to ponchos - generally speaking and specific to my style? Bring it on... :)

(and in case you hadn't noticed, it's not busy today at work AT ALL...)


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WIW: Still current?

Today's outfit  centres around a jacket and silhouette I've sported for a couple of years now. And as much as I love this jacket, I haven't reached for it very often in the last six months and am wondering if this silhouette is still stylish.

I started my outfit with my warm footless leggings (very cold here) and on top of that, popped on a black ponte knit dress. On top of the dress, I added my purple Amber Sun jacket (waving to jacket twin MsMary!) . Knee high Blondo boots for more leg warmth, citron handbag, black/white specs and silver jewelry finish off the outfit.

What are your thoughts ladies? Does this FFBO still work or does it look tired? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.


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WIW: Pop of Citron for the Cold

Well our warm winter weather is gone now and this morning it is -40 degrees Celcius with wind chill. And apparently not getting any warmer throughout the day. Sigh…time to bundle up.

Today's outfit started with my ponte knit leggings and my merino wool slouchy pull over. On top of that, I added my bronze sparkly hi-lo drapey cardigan. For footwear, I chose my trusty Doc Martens

And then to add a bright pop of colour, I am using my new citron handbag (Christmas gift from hubby). I love how in some light it looks yellow and in other light it looks more acid green. 

I am warm, cozy and still feel stylish. Can you ask for anything more from an outfit??? What do you think? All work together? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Cardigan: Eileen Fisher (eBay)
Pull over: Lord & Taylor
Leggings: NYDJ
Boots: Doc Martens
Handbag: Gift

Whoops - hit Yay or Nay by accident - just ignore


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WIW: For the last day

Anyone who works in healthcare knows there isn't really any "down time" but at least after working today, I will be off until Monday - whoo hoo!!!

Today's outfit was born out of necessity. We're having a wee lunch today for our office and will need to walk about 5 blocks to the restaurant…in the slushy snow. So I knew I wanted to wear knee high boots to keep the slush from splashing up on the back of my pant legs and that I would want something I could walk briskly in, stay warm and have good grip on the slush. So first item chosen was my cognac knee high boots - warm, incredibly comfy, good grip for walking.

So based on the boots, I decided to go with an old favourite colour combo of mine - black and cognac. I grabbed my slim fit ponte knit pants and tucked them into the boots. Then I popped on a white cami and added my cream animal print mixed media drapey tee. On top of that, I've got on my black suit blazer with scrunched sleeves. 

I added my two-tone cognac leather handbag to bookend the boots, my rose gold/black watch and red specs for accessories.

I really like how this outfit ended up looking a little bit corporate mixed with a little bit of an equestrian vibe. What do you think? Does it all work together? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Blazer: Nygard
Tee: Lord & Taylor Petite
Trousers: NYDJ
Boots: Hush Puppies
Handbag: Fossil
Watch: Fossil

I wish each and every one of you Happy Holidays and hope you have time to relax, enjoy time with friends and family, and of course, some tasty goodies :)


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EF Leather & Lambswool Jacket - thoughts?

One of Angie's picks from NAS 2014 was this Eileen Fisher leather sleeve lambswool jacket http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/ei.....etite/3728. I have loved it from the moment I saw it but even with NAS pricing (combined with Nordstrom shipping and customs), it was too rich for my blood.

my eBay seller has sent me a message that she has one available in
Petite Medium and would I be interested. Yes...she and I now have that kind of relationship :) The price is more than affordable and hubby has given the thumbs up.

So my question to you wise wonderful women - is this something you could see me in or do I just have EF "love goggles" on? And if you think it's worth trying, is the Petite Medium the right size? I know that it runs large (as do most EF items in my experience). For reference my EF dresses are all Petite Medium.

Yay = worth trying
Nay = not right for me


Last Minute Invite (Pics Added @ bottom)

Best friends of hubby and I just called to say they won in a work Christmas raffle last night a dinner for four at a fairly swanky restaurant for tonight and would love for us to join them. How sweet!

Hubby and I are busy with a fair bit of running around today and normally a last minute invite like this would throw me into a tizzy due to lack of a true dressy capsule and lack of time to do anything about it. But not this time :)

In probably less than 5 minutes I put together this outfit - my dark red EF dress topped with my sparkly open knit dramatic hi-lo cardigan. Love how the dark red peeks through the open weave in the sleeves and body of the cardigan.

I will wear nude hose and my animal print Cole Haan pumps, carry a vintage gold clutch (it was my grandmother's). I'll add my michael kors gold mesh bangle for jewellery. Red specs and bold red lip will be the finishing touches.

Over top of everything when I head out the door will be my berry coloured cashmere coat. It is delightfully mild here right now and since we'll just be walking from house to car to restaurant, this will be plenty warm.

I hope this will come across as festive. It is such a relief to be able to shop my small wardrobe.


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WIW: Summer Dress & Hint o'Vintage

I have no problem wearing a summer dress in the winter - as long as the fabric isn't' summery like linen and the dress can be "winterized" to erase any seasonal confusion.

So today's outfit started with this recently thrifted Cleo Petite (new with tags) black and white dress. It is sleeveless and clearly meant for summer wear. It is completely lined however which gives it an automatically weightier look and feel and is a jersey blend so doesn't not read "summer fabric".

I winterized the dress by adding my footless leggings and my knee high Blondo boots. I then topped the dress with my dark red asymmetrical cardigan. 

Then to dress things up a little as I have a retirement function this afternoon at work (will be scarce on the forum today as a result BTW). I added my patent leather clutch and my vintage black Austrian crystal necklace. Red specs and red lipstick are the finishing touches.

So tell me ladies - have I successfully made an abstract patterned summer dress look seasonally appropriate or am I not fooling anyone? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Cardigan: Eileen Fisher (eBay)
Dress: Cleo Petite (thrifted)
Leggings: Calvin Klein
Boots: Blondo
Clutch: Danier Leather (thrifted)
Necklace: vintage


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WIW: Not Red

I've been wearing so much red lately I thought I should advertise that I am NOT wearing any red today - lol!

Today's outfit is about old favourites I'm feeling love for again. It started out with my cobalt blue knit pencil skirt. I've been wearing the black pencil skirt a lot and had kind of forgotten about the blue one. Ok….so first item chosen, now what? Oh I remember - my voluminous hi-lo grey/blue/green/white striped merino wool pullover. That blue stripe in the pullover is the same colour as the skirt. Hmmmm…now what tights? Oh yes…the darker grey ones with the tiny tone-on-tone stripe (only visible close up). Those will work with the grey in the pullover. 

Onto footwear - what booties? Let's go with the blue/purple suede ones. They're a little unexpected I think and I like that. My quilted cobalt/cream handbag was the perfect choice since the blue went with the skirt and the cream went with the white stripe in the pullover.

My purple/clear specs, silver wedding band and swipe of berry lipstick finish off the outfit.

The skirt, pullover, booties and even tights are all a minimum of 3 years old. But what do you think - can you wear items that old and have an outfit still looks current? Does this all work together? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Pullover: Lord & Taylor
Skirt: Cleo Petite
Tights: Hue
Handbag: Danier Leather
Boots: Aerosoles (the first Angie pick I purchased if I remember correctly)


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