Fab summer sneaks

Found a few fab (well fab to me anyway!) summer sneakers on Canadian website shoeme.ca.  I've ordered many times from them and they are reliable, quick, easy returns, cheap shipping.

Anyway, here's what I found and links/pics in case you're interested.

#1 - Like a loafer and an orthopedic sneaker had a baby! comes in black and mustard too http://www.shoeme.ca/products/.....-carawhite

#2 - Adore the combination of mint leather with the faux wood strip and the white lug sole http://www.shoeme.ca/products/.....-devonmint

#3 - A summer vibrant lace-meets-moccasin hybrid http://www.shoeme.ca/products/.....tw-09-blue

#4 - Silver perforated fabness http://www.shoeme.ca/products/.....ilverwhite


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PSA: Canadian Tweed Jacket Options

While trolling around The Bay website this morning, I saw these two options for those looking to jump on the tweed jacket bandwagon. I'm thinking of trying out both of the options myself as the open front, fly-away style works well for my short waisted petite apple shape.


Black Blazer - thoughts?

I'm still searching for a replacement black blazer for the one I have which is showing some wear and tear after three years of heavy rotation. I'm looking for "classic with a twist" - a classic shape but with something a wee bit different than a typical 2-3 button blazer.

I adore the Alexander Wang blazer that CocoLion posted here http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....r-those-... but alas, my neck is a bit too short for the style and I suspect I'm a bit too large for the size offering.

I have had this one in my eBay cart from my favorite seller for a few weeks now. It is Eileen Fisher in petite sizing; open front (no fastener) with an interesting "lapel"; no bells and whistles but not completely "corporate" either.

Thoughts on this type of neckline for me?

And Denise (CocoLion) - if you see this, I am also still considering the Studio blazer from Express which you have and I think would work on my short upper torso.

ETA: And sorry to be a bit of a forum hog in the last few days - getting back into the creativity of style and LOVING it!


Bootie Possibilities

In my constant search for comfortable but still stylish footwear, I've come across these fall booties at Hudson's Bay. Booties (any type of boots really) are major wardrobe workhorses in my climate (right Suz?). I'm in boots of one type or another from October through to end of April most years. Since that's a really long season, I like a good variety so I don't get too bored.

Based on particular comfort and support needs, what I have left in my current boot wardrobe is:

  • Mid calf black lace up heeled Doc Martens
  • Knee high Hush Puppy cognac riding-style
  • Knee high Blondo quilted black flat
  • Red ankle Sam Edelman (these haven't been tested for a full day of comfort for a while now so will see...)
  • Ankle wedge sand colored Toms (very casual and more like a wedge sneaker in style)
What I think will no longer work and still in my closet:
  • Sam Edelman flat ankle python booties - no arch support and unable to accommodate an orthotic
  • Black Clarks Chelsea boots - no arch support. Too bad 'cause otherwise very comfortable
  • Mid calf sand colored suede western style - I think the heel might be too high now but unsure (can't remember the brand at the moment)
So looking at the finds I've popped down below, the burgundy booties would be potential replacements for the red SE's if they no longer work. Can you believe these burgundy beauties are Hush Puppy??? Incredibly comfortable brand for me.

The gold metallic Joie booties could be the replacement for the SE python Petty booties. I've been wanting to add a touch of metallic somewhere.

And the black Aquatalia's would be the Clarks Chelsea replacements - plus they would be better quality and waterproof.

I had mentioned to Angie in an earlier post that the majority of my wardrobe budget this year would be going towards replacing all of my worn out and/or uncomfortable footwear. No more unhappy feet for me. Of course, the purchase of these new items hinges on fit and comfort. Thoughts or comments?


Shoes - comfort = dowdy?

Y'all know my foot woes - bunions, narrow heel but wide forefoot and most importantly, PF(which is slowly getting better but definitely still evident).

I have recently purchased three items from Vionic that have been foot savers - house slippers (no more bare feet on hardwood floors for me), walking shoe and black sandals. What's great about the brand for me is the arch is in exactly the right place and high enough for stellar support. The shoes accommodate my custom orthotics but honestly, their footbed is almost identical to my orthotic.

I am finding no longer being able to wear funky and edgier footwear is cramping my style. But I need to get my head around it because I have no desire to return to the horrendous pain I was having in my feet.

I have recently ordered and received two more pairs of Vionic shoes as once Fall arrives, sandals will be put away and I'll need to return to "real" shoes. I'm also looking at ordering and trying a pair of Vionic black booties since I'm not sure my lovely patent Ara booties will still work for me.

The pics below are the two I've received - first up are the ballet flats. I need to go up half a size as they are a bit too snug. The second pair is a heeled wedge that fits perfectly out of the box.

So my question to all of you is - can these look stylish with my wardrobe while not being trendy? Or should I keep on looking?


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Can you help me decide - EF or Danier? (eta decision @ bottom)

I was all set to purchase the Danier Leather ponte/leather trim leggings (find #1) and then after reading Carter's stellar review of the EF slim pants (find #2), I'm torn.

I'm wanting leggings to wear under tunics for fall/winter and so the Danier Leather leggings fill that hole. They will also add a bit of edge to my outfits with the funky leather trim. Based upon my experience with Danier items to date, the quality will be decent and I will get a lot of wear out of them. Because they are leggings after all, they are limited to be worn with tunics only.

The EF slim leg trousers that Carter has shown us so beautifully (thank you Carter!) will also work brilliantly with my fall/winter wardrobe and are probably more versatile than the leggings - could wear more like pants IYKWIM. And the quality will be stellar. I have the NYDJ leggings with the faux suede calves that could work as my leggings when I think about it.

The leggings are less expensive than the trousers and I've tried them on in person. However EF is pretty consistent in sizing when it comes to trousers for me so am not worried about ordering incorrectly.

So....the budget does not allow both of these items. In your opinion, which one will be more versatile for my wardrobe. Leather trim leggings or slim leg pants?

Yay = leather trim leggings
Nay = EF slim leg trousers

Let the voting begin! :)


My hometown version of NAS

I went into Danier Leather Saturday afternoon and bought two new pieces for my fall wardrobe and will be picking up the third one next payday. These all fit with my current autumn/winter wardrobe and will also play nicely with my new EF pieces I recently purchased for autumn.

Based on what I see in my closet for the cooler weather, I will be wearing a lot of black and simple-with-a-twist pieces. There will be a hint of edge and a hint of arty. I couldn't be more pleased :)

Pic #1 - a mixed media leather and stretch fabric open blazer. A great length that will work with both trousers and dresses/skirts. Love the feather light weight of this which will work brilliantly for an indoor topper.

Pic #2 - a fabulous thicker fabric pull-over-your-head dress with front pockets. I don't normally go in for items with embellishment but fell hard for this dress. Because I'm not built like the gorgeous model you see here, the dress fits me quite differently - almost sack like but with structure if that makes sense. I need to get about 1.5 inches hemmed off the bottom but once done, this will work brilliantly with bare legs, with tights and with leggings/pants underneath. Love the ease of just popping on one piece and out the door. Plus this can either be dressed down with tights and boots for work and then dressed up with a cuff, sheer black hose and pumps for an evening out. Hubby said I look amazing in this dress :)

Pic #3 - I've been looking for substantial ponte weight leggings with something special and these are them. The weight is perfect and the fit exactly what I was looking for - not calf sucking and a bit of ease. After all, if I want to wear tights, I'll wear tights! The strip of lamb leather down the side of the legs is quite slimming and elongating. These will work fab under tunics (including my two new EF items).



What I've been up to - purchases and question

Well I'm starting to re-enter my life after a family crisis occurred (very private so won't be sharing details). But we're all starting to heal and it's time to get on with things.

My Whole30 experiment (posted about in Off Topics) went incredibly well and as a result, I've dropped some pounds and inches so am fitting nicely into some clothes I had actually tucked away for being too small. A lovely feeling I must admit.

I've purchased some EF pieces from my eBay seller which are en route to me. All can be returned should they not fit or be what I had hoped. And yes...they are all black despite my comment about wanting to add more white into my wardrobe for summer. Black just works so seamlessly with my existing wardrobe and I adore it. I'll be pairing the items with lighter colors as well. My purchases include:

#1 - an asymmetrical sleeveless tunic to wear with my VC tube skirts and cropped slim trousers

#2 - a sleeveless crepe/linen blend vest to wear over structured dresses, VC tube skirts and cropped slim trousers

#3/4 - a linen draped back cardigan with mother of pearl buttons. A great layering piece over a tank

I would also love your opinion on the EF linen dress in pics #5 and 6. It's a linen that is washed to look like denim. I adore linen in the summer and long ago made peace with the crease. It has a hi-lo hemline and is made to be worn over skinnies, cropped pants, tube skirts or Bermuda shorts (or on its own depending on how short that front section is on me). I've also seen pictures of it open like a jacket over a sheath dress...just lovely. However I'm wondering if the shape works with a petite apple - it is petite sized by the way. It is non returnable (different seller) so I would want to be pretty sure. The seller has provided fabulous measurements which do work for me but it's the shape I'm wanting to check with y'all. Has anyone seen this dress IRL?

Well that's things...now off to read about a bazillion posts to try and catch up. Missed you all :)

P.S. Been doing some trying on of sandals/shoes with no luck so far. Feet are fussier by the day...


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Two EF items for your critique (ETA 3rd item added)

I'm currently watching two Eileen Fisher items from my favourite eBay seller. We're putting a new roof on our house and just paid our taxes yesterday so Spring/Summer shopping will likely either be through eBay or clearance racks to keep my spending in a comfortable zone.

So...onto the two items:

Pics #1 - #3: Blue and black color block jersey knit asymmetrical sleeveless dress. Made with the same fabric as my drape front EF dresses. Y'all know I love to wear dresses in the summer and combine them with my various toppers for my freezing A/C office. This is petite sizing so proportionate for my body. Although normally a dress straight from the hip is not flattering for my body type, I think the asymmetrical hemline which creates a "faux" taper would work in a similar manner to the tapered hemlines of my other EF dresses. Correct or wrong? I think the dress could be dressed up or down and be very versatile. What do you think of the particular shape and style for me? I had originally put a shirt dress on my Spring/Summer list but they are very difficult to find to work on my frame and shape so this would be instead.

Pics #4-6: Lavender light wool/linen blend wrap sweater. I'm on the hunt for a light weight sweater for those cool summer evenings and also to take to our family vacation to the west coast in July. I'm wanting something that can be worn with a tee and jeans but also over a dress for an evening dinner on a patio. My complexion and hair work really well with shades of purple so the colour is a no brainer IMHO. The colour would work well with black, white and denim alike which is the majority of my wardrobe. I like the wrap style as it gives the sweater a bit of elegance as opposed to a cardigan. What do you think of the style and colour?

Alright - over to you - please provide your honest opinions and thanks in advance :)

ETA: I've added a third item below - a petite floral shirtdress from Hudson's Bay. It's nothing fancy but I've had it in my cart for about three weeks now. I love the shirt tail hem and the floral on black background. I can see the potential for wearing both with and without the self tie belt - without could give it that great sack look. You could also change the belt for different belts. This would work both at the office and for casual summer evenings out. Thoughts?


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Thoughts on this black blazer?

A black blazer is an absolute ESSENTIAL in wardrobe - for all seasons.
My current blazer is starting to show some wear and tear and so I'm on
the look for a replacement. I have tried on pretty much every petite
blazer available through The Bay. I found a beautiful fit on one but
alas it was in a wool blend that itched my neck like crazy. And unfortunately the black blazer I currently have which I would like to duplicate, I have not been successful in finding again in my size. So onward...

Denise (Cocolion) recommended this one from Express as she has it and indicated it works well for us short torso gals. It's not a true petite but would fit like one I suspect and the ruched sleeves is perfect for me - I scrunch my sleeves all the time anyway and with ruched sleeves, no concern about them being too long.

So thoughts anyone? Good replacement for my classic blazer? Also if anyone knows, would this be TTS? I'm not familiar with sizes with Express blazers so any advice would be greatly appreciated :)