In store coat help (ETA home pics added)

Returned the navy coat (thanks) and found this lux cashmere blend red-berry anne Klein coat. Sleeves are too long and it has room to layer a blazer. These are terrible pics but what do you think? Buy or walk away?

ETA: So at home now and have taken a few more pictures that hopefully show the coat a bit better. The last two pics are with a sweater and my Theory blazer underneath - I need to be sure it can be layered for the cold. What do you think now that you can see it better? I ended up having to overexpose the pics a bit to show the detail but unfortunately that has skewed the color some. The color is more properly represented in the first three pics from the store. If keep, I will have to get the sleeves shortened (no biggie) and should possibly look at having the belt loops raised a bit, although I'm not sure it's bad where they are placed.

Would love your feedback - right now, I'm inclined to keep. And the cashmere fabric feels AMAZING! Thanks all :)


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Ask Angie: and all YLFers for hem help

I'm going to be taking my new TR Cameron slim BF jeans to Wonder Woman today for hemming. I have started pinning hems myself - not that I don't trust her, I most certainly do - but it saves time when I go and drop off items and I always seem to be piggy-backing a bunch of errands so it's just more convenient.

I'm showing the jeans with my red booties first - unfortunately because there is about 4.5 inches of excess fabric folded under, they are not quite sitting right on the top of the boot which is pushing up the fabric a bit and bunching at the knee. So I'm not sure this is the best representation.

I then switched the boots to my patent pumps so that the legs sit properly. I think this probably shows the length more accurately.

I've pinned the legs so that they will work with my average fall/winter heel height, which is 1.5 - 2 inches. This will accommodate my two pairs of kitten heels, red booties, python booties, blue suede booties, cream oxfords and my new Fluevog oxfords. No more high heels for me :(

Does this look about right? shorter? longer?


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