My jeans are making me think (ETA new BF pics added at bottom)

My casual outfit today made a lightbulb go off for me. As you know, I've been struggling to make the boyfriend jeans work and my faded, flared jeans made me realize why. The jeans I'm wearing today FIT - they fit my waist, they hug my backside and they caress my thighs.

I don't have a lot of physical attributes but I certainly want to show off the few I have and flatter my figure as much as possible. The BF jeans don't do that and clearly that mattered more to me than I realized. The BF jeans make me look bigger than I am and who the heck wants that???

I'm moving "figure flattery" to the top of my list of what I want out of a clothing item.

(Pic 1 are BF jeans and pic 2 shows today's jeans - just a visual comparison)


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