WIW: Team Wear Blazer

Bought the blazer yesterday and am wearing it today! The sleeves need shortening but I decided if I took it to the tailor's now I wouldn't get it back for a week and by then it could be too hot to wear it, so just cuffed and scrunched the sleeves. I hope it doesn't look silly or bulky.

I've paired the red blazer with my black clams and a black with white/grey polka dot drapey tank. I'm wearing my Fly London sandals and am using my black/white handbag. No jewelry other than wedding ring today.

I've never paired a blazer with clams before - does this work? How are colours and proportions? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Blazer: Gap
Tank: Winners
Clams: Laura Petite
Sandals: Fly London
Handbag: Danier Leather (thrifted)


WIW: My favourite formula

i have a schizophrenic kind of day at work today - the first part involves a lot of walking and standing and then the second part is a regular office day. I need to be both comfortable but office appropriate. So I returned a favourite formula of mine of knit dress, jacket and Docs. I'm wearing my ponte knit black sheath dress with a large funky kind of belt, topped with my peachy/pink cropped jacket and my Doc Marcie's. I'm wearing my faux snakeskin clutch and metal cuff for accessories. This isn't a particularly summery outfit for today but then neither is our weather (very cool and wet).

So how are the proportions in this outfit? I must say I feel like ME in this! As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket: Gap (thrifted)
Dress: Cleo Petite (thrifted)
Boots: Doc Martens Marcie's
Clutch: Sondra Roberts (thrifted)
Cuff: thrifted


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WIW: Inspired by Diana

I've been inspired by Diana's outfits where she's wearing colour combinations with that beautiful bright Kelly green. That was jumping off point this morning with my green flowy tee. I've paired the tee with my lightweight black trousers, my black Clarks sandals, and topped it with my new (and free!) white denim jacket. Plus it's quite cold and miserable today so a jacket is an absolute must. I've added Kelly (my green handbag) and my oversized watch.

How is this colour combination for me? What about the proportions? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket: BUM Equipment (free)
Tee: Cleo Petites
Trousers: Gap
Sandals: Clarks
Handbag: Cleo (thrifted)
Watch: thrifted


WIW: Inspired by Angie (ETA pic added for Angie)

I'm ALWAYS inspired by Angie...but yesterday's outfit really captured me with it's structure, soft colour palette and attention to details. I wanted to try and find a way to copy that feeling without having the exact same items.

I started with my W&W skinnies and then added my lighter denim coloured chambray shirt. From there, I topped it with my Calvin Klein animal print blazer (one of my all time favourite purchases) and bookended the blazer with my oh-so-comfy animal print Doc Danielle's. I added Kelly (my green handbag) for a pop of colour and my oversized gold watch for jewelry. I fully buttoned my chambray shirt and popped the collar a la Angie to further give the outfit that structure and crispness. I feel comfortable and if I may be so bold to say - rather fab! Thank you for the inspiration Angie!

Does this outfit work for me? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Blazer: Calvin Klein
Chambray shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Wit & Wisdom
Shoes: Doc Martens (Danielle's)
Watch: thrifted
Handbag: Cleo (thrifted)

ETA: Angie - I took your advice and hid the cuff of the shirt so that the sleeves of the blazer show on their own. You're right (AGAIN!) - definitely better! Thanks for the tip.


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WIW: Comfort

Unlike yesterday's "sitting" day at work, today will be quite a bit of running around therefore comfort is key. I started with my black and white tiered dress, added my purple silk-blend shrug (the AC can be cool in certain areas of the hospital and warm in others), metal coiled cuff for a bit of an edge, and my black and white handbag. My knee has been bothering me a bit so lower heels were required today therefore am wearing my trusty and oh so comfy Clarks with a 2 inch heel.

Does this outfit work? I know shrugs aren't everyone's cuppa but I love the fabrication of this one and to me, it's the perfect topper for a warm spring day.

Shrug: Nygard
Dress: Cleo Petites
Sandals: Clarks
Handbag: Danier Leather (thrifted)
Cuff: Cleo Petites


WIW: New White Jeans (ETA 7 hour pics added)

Well the new white jeans are back from being hemmed and are ready to play! I've done a fairly typical pairing with navy - my vintage blazer and a navy/white striped tee. I'm wearing my Boutique 9 peep toes for a neutral shoe to help lengthen the leg line and am wearing my orange handbag again (love orange and navy together). My oversized gold watch is all I have on for jewelry.

Does this combination work? Proportions ok? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Blazer: vintage
Tee: Liz Claiborne (thrifted)
Jeans: Jeanne Bekker (Canadian designer)
Shoes: Boutique 9
Watch: thrifted
Handbag: Danier Leather (thrifted)

ETA: I've now been sitting for a full 7 hours (financial planning day in the office so not moving from my desk) and thought it might be interesting to check the status of these jeans after that amount of time (i.e. wrinkling and butt stretching). So Kristin and I giggled away as she took these two shots beind my office door. I think the jeans are holding up incredibly well and I couldn't be more pleased - BTW sorry for the close up of my butt!


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WIW: Rare Casual Shannon

Just ran off to get my hair trimmed (the curse of short hair - trim every 4-5 weeks or else!) and pick up a few bags of mulch for the garden and thought I'd show you what I wore. I post primarily my work outfits so thought I'd show you the "other Shannon".

Wearing my Wit & Wisdom skinny jeans, white Esprit tee and my thrifted plaid wedge Mary-Janes. I thrifted these shoes about two months ago and this is their maiden voyage. I don't think they were ever worn and the brand on the inside is Midtown (whatever that is). They are extremely comfy and cute for summer.

Off to watch Dancing With the Stars - catch you later!

P.S. This is a really stupid pose - don't know WHAT I'm doing!


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Rita - oh no too!

I love Angie's red Kate Spade pumps and I love the beautiful pink ones that modgrl just ordered. So when I was eyeing the blue Shelly pumps on my PC at home last night, DH popped his head in the den and said "oohhh...those are sexy" I happened to mention that they had just recently been discounted. He popped on his glasses, looked at the price and promptly said "why don't I buy you those as an early anniversary gift before your size runs out"?

I touched base with Rita and Inge (who has the cobalt blue ones) this morning with a few questions which they were most helpful with and voila - the pretty blue pumps are on their way to me.


P.S. I think hubby is developing a shoe fetish - he also bought me the animal print Docs Danielle's!


WIW: Shabby Denim

Today's ensemble is one that I think works - I'm learning to work with my Shabby Apple skirt and am really starting to like it. I've paired my skirt with a yellow tee and my faded cropped denim jacket. For footwear, I'm wearing my Aerosole two-tone oxford sandals, have added my orange handbag for more colour and have popped on a pink and brown beaded bracelet.

So what do you think? Did I get this one right? Proportions and colours ok? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket: thrifted
Tee: thrifted
Skirt: Shabby Apple
Shoes: Aerosoles
Handbag: Danier Leather (thrifted)
Bracelet: thrifted


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