Thoughts on this black blazer?

A black blazer is an absolute ESSENTIAL in wardrobe - for all seasons.
My current blazer is starting to show some wear and tear and so I'm on
the look for a replacement. I have tried on pretty much every petite
blazer available through The Bay. I found a beautiful fit on one but
alas it was in a wool blend that itched my neck like crazy. And unfortunately the black blazer I currently have which I would like to duplicate, I have not been successful in finding again in my size. So onward...

Denise (Cocolion) recommended this one from Express as she has it and indicated it works well for us short torso gals. It's not a true petite but would fit like one I suspect and the ruched sleeves is perfect for me - I scrunch my sleeves all the time anyway and with ruched sleeves, no concern about them being too long.

So thoughts anyone? Good replacement for my classic blazer? Also if anyone knows, would this be TTS? I'm not familiar with sizes with Express blazers so any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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  • Jude replied 5 years ago

    Shannon I haven't seen the Express blazer but I love the blazer look, am petite and have had great success with both regular and petite Gap blazers. And of course shipping is a breeze for us Canadians. This one looks similar to one I purchased last fall. I'd give them a try.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago

    There's also this one from Laura Petite (a brand available locally which I know fits me well)
    This one is definitely more classic with the 3-button closure. I kind of like the piping detail on it. Whoa....check out the price. Regularly $195 and on clearance for $59. Might be worth trying out at that price point.

    Jude - that's a lovely blazer from Gap but unfortunately a little boxier than what I'm looking for. I'm wanting a more classic, tailored look. But thank you so much.

  • KikiG replied 5 years ago

    I'm busty, and that button placement doesn't look good to me for me.  I adore the ruched sleeves, since I push up or roll up my sleeves always. 

  • replied 5 years ago

    I think I may prefer the Express one to the Laura one. I'm not as keen on the 3 buttons for some reason..maybe that's just me though. Love the ruched sleeves on the first one.

  • rachylou replied 5 years ago

    Cute! And that Cocolion has it, so so much the better. Can't always tell from pics...

  • always trying replied 5 years ago

    I much prefer the black Express.  I have a very similar one in Navy -I have short torso too, and it fits and feels better than any I have.  would love to find one similar in a color like taupe. 

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 5 years ago

    Jackets have so many places that they need to fit well from the shoulders to the waist placement to the sleeves and buttons that unless they have a fabulous return policy, I would consider shopping locally and perhaps looking under a few of those unturned stones before ordering online.  That may be my personal issue though since I find jackets are often too long to the waist or too snug in the shoulders.  You don't have footballer shoulders so may have an easier time fitting jackets.  

    It really is a shame that the black one was wool.  It was a nice fit and a nice cut as well.

  • Daria replied 5 years ago

    I love the jacket (cannot comment on the fit though), but would worry a bit about longevity factor. From what I know quality of Express is not always stellar.

  • UmmLila replied 5 years ago

    I like the idea, but it's so hard to tell without trying on.

    Also in terms of black Blazers, would it make sense for you to have one black waist length and one black hip length? I am short but not petite and I find a niche for both lengths depending on what else I'm wearing.

  • Sveta replied 5 years ago

    Shannon, Laura's blazer with 3 buttons looks outdated to me - I like the look of Express one better. Not sure about the quality though: I have their pants and they hold up well but have no idea about the blazers.

  • Adelfa replied 5 years ago

    I scrunch my sleeves too but I know that ruched sleeves would drive me nuts. Sounds like you feel welcoming towards them, so the Express is worth a try. I have heard that Express suiting is surprisingly good for the price point. The best dressed interviewee I ever saw was wearing a TDF black suit and two years later (after I hired her) I found out it was Express. So I wouldn't be scared of the quality.

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