Fab summer sneaks

Found a few fab (well fab to me anyway!) summer sneakers on Canadian website shoeme.ca.  I've ordered many times from them and they are reliable, quick, easy returns, cheap shipping.

Anyway, here's what I found and links/pics in case you're interested.

#1 - Like a loafer and an orthopedic sneaker had a baby! comes in black and mustard too http://www.shoeme.ca/products/.....-carawhite

#2 - Adore the combination of mint leather with the faux wood strip and the white lug sole http://www.shoeme.ca/products/.....-devonmint

#3 - A summer vibrant lace-meets-moccasin hybrid http://www.shoeme.ca/products/.....tw-09-blue

#4 - Silver perforated fabness http://www.shoeme.ca/products/.....ilverwhite

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  • replied 8 years ago

    Wow - nice shoes!  I feel like I'm seeing the same shoes over and over again in our local shoe stores and shoe departments - and these are a little different. The blue suede ones are so weird - in a good way, I think. They would be great with shorts.  The other 3 are  great interesting basics - as in easy to style and easy to wear.  

  • El Cee replied 8 years ago

    These are all so fun. I especially like the loafer/sneaker hybrid and the silver perforated lace-ups. Lovin' all this sneaker love!

  • replied 8 years ago

    Yah, these are great. I'm loving those blue numbers.

  • Ledonna N. replied 8 years ago

    There does seem to be a pattern with this style of shoe . Thank you for sharing. I like the white pair

  • milehighstyle (Linda) replied 8 years ago

    Oooh, I like all of these, Shannon! 

  • AviaMariah replied 8 years ago

    I really like all of those!!

  • Sara L. replied 8 years ago

    I especially like the green ones (#2) and the silver perferated pair (#4).  So fun!

  • rachylou replied 8 years ago

    Man, I like the first pair heaps!

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    Oh, I wish the loafer style would stay on my foot!  Love those white ones. 

  • Nebraskim replied 8 years ago

    I love shoe No. 1. That would be my dream shoe. Does this company ship to the US? Has anyone seen a shoe like this in a US store? I just bought some adidas lace up sneaks at DSW. I need a more supportive shoe than Cons now. 

  • always trying replied 8 years ago

    3 and 4 would make me very happy.

  • Beth Ann replied 8 years ago

    I love the white and the mint, but the silver ones would look fabulous on us fair limbed ladies!

  • Maneera replied 8 years ago

    Love!!!! #1 & #4 are especially fab.

  • Angela K replied 8 years ago

    Found the white ones on amazon if anyone is still interested:


    Link says mustard but they have white, black and a beautiful pink also.

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    If you can get these Clarks and Eccos in Canada, I highly recommend them.

  • deb replied 8 years ago

    Love the look of the blue pair.

  • Diana replied 8 years ago

    Nice choices, Shannon!  Are you going to try them?

    I just bought these teal(!) new balances from Amazon.  They were the very definition of an impulse buy - I saw someone (out the window of the bus) wearing them, immediately googled "teal new balance sneakers" on my phone, and had clicked order by the time my bus got to its destination. ;)  To be fair, I know that NBs tend to fit me and what my size in them is.  They run small and slightly narrow, like most NBs.  I haven't worn them out yet, but they felt very comfy when I tried them on and did not press on my bunion.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 8 years ago

    My apologies with being ridiculously late returning to my own thread - terrible forum etiquette! :)

    I'm quite sorted for spring/summer footwear options except for a "nice" sneaker and a metallic sandal. And I think the sneaker I want is white.

    Angie - have located the Clarks Glove Puppet in white locally so will definitely need to try those out. Love the perforations and Clarks tend to work for my feet...although I wonder if the top will accommodate my high volume fit needs?

    Diana - ok, that is too funny...Bus Shopping!Sadly New Balance do not work for my feet at all. I can see the teal color working so well for you.

    Thanks for the input all.

  • Laurie replied 8 years ago

    I have #4  - I felt a little frumpy in them when I look at this photo...of course standing beside my handsome almost-graduate, who is looking at the lady on the left, right?!

  • MsMaven replied 8 years ago

    Great shoes. Those glove puppets may be just what I need for my next slip on sneaker. Thanks Angie.

  • crazyone replied 8 years ago

    Angie, what color are the Ecco Touch sneakers in Moon rock?  They look golden in that picture but seem more silvery on other websites.  

  • Watson241 replied 8 years ago

    I am OBSESSED with sneakers. I just snagged these at WSS. They say "superstar" :-)

  • Sally replied 8 years ago

    I have been wearing my slip on sneakers to work and boy are they comfortable.  I think i'll need to get another pair. 

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