Review: Clarks Sage Glamour ankle strap pump

Unfortunately I'm typing this from my phone so can't link to my previous post. I recently ordered the Clarks Sage Glamour ankle strap pump - the Clarks version of the YLF famous Okala. They arrived today and here are my observations/thoughts:

- They are significantly better for my feet than the Okala. They are wider in the fore foot than the Okala even in the regular width. They also come in wide. Because of this they accommodate my bunions quite comfortably. They also work very well for my high volume feet.

- The arch support is quite decent and my foot feels very supported.

- I love the closed back as it makes the shoe feel more substantial and sturdy. Less chance of my foot sliding around.

- The leather is gorgeous and the snakeskin print on the suede forefoot is gorgeous.

- The heel is just two inches and due to the "pitch" is more than manageable.

- These will fill my pointy toe dressy shoe needs perfectly.

Now for the downside....oh wait...there is NO downside! These are staying and when it stops snowing (sigh) I will be wearing them happily. Yay - another shoe need crossed off the list!


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Greg & Angie - can't thank you enough!

I had soooooo much fun playing with the new ROG feature yesterday. But soon realized that I did not have enough items in My Wardrobe in Finds to create many outfits using my own clothing. Since much of my wardrobe consists of purchases through eBay or Canadian sites not connected with YLF, I decided to scroll through sites supported by the Finds feature and grab like items and pop them into my wardrobe anyway. They are not necessarily the exact pair of cargo pants, but similar, you know? This took me around an hour this morning.

Now when I go ROGue, I am actually creating all sorts of ensemble possibilities. Do you have ANY idea how wonderful this is going to be on those mornings when you really can't figure out what to wear or you want to try something different? Go ROGue and presto - today's outfit stares you in the face.

Between the Finds feature and the ROG feature you have given me endless creative possibilities and I can't thank you enough.

YLF ROCKS BIG TIME!!! :) :) :)


Clarks version of Okala at Hudson's Bay

I had originally posted about these shoes on this thread
but was unable to find them in the Clarks local store. Well lo and
behold, Hudson's Bay has them in both black and grey. It indicates heel
height of 2.5" but on the Clarks website it's 2".

I can't speak to the comfort and I haven't yet seen them in person - I probably am going to order them though to try out as Clarks do tend to work for my fussy feet. I'll update once I've tried them on.


WIB, My Style, & Some Confusion

I went shopping yesterday with a friend with the intention of trying on black blazers (for replacement of current blazer which is becoming a bit worn looking) and generally to see what is in the brick & mortar stores in my city for Spring. I had a wonderful day and came home with some beautiful items that fit well, are good quality, felt good on and provide my wardrobe with some Spring refreshing. BUT....(oh c' knew that was coming!) I'm now feeling a bit of buyer's remorse (in fact I woke up at 4:00 a.m. this morning thinking about these items). I dropped a fair bit of coin yesterday for these things and although I'm still within my budget, I'm wondering if these specific items were the right place to put my money.

I'm primarily wondering if these items work with my current style direction and fit the goals I had set for purchases. Remember these parameters I had mentioned:

  • Simple lines.
  • Structured.
  • Quality.
  • Statement accessories.
  • Chic with hints of hard edge.
Below in Pictures 1-3 are the items I purchased - all from Melanie Lynn, a mid range Canadian retailer.

Pic #1 - a navy "drape with structure" soft jacket. Has fabulous seaming which gives shape to this softer jacket and makes me look like I have a waist. It also has small shoulder pads so actually gives me a bit of a stronger looking shoulder, which works well for me.
Pic #2 - a white/navy stripe pencil skirt reminiscent of the B44 tiered skirt. This would work with hose since it is fully lined and gives a bit more "presence" than the black/white striped VC midi tube skirt that I have. Would be a replacement for that tube skirt.
Pic #3 - a mint vest - a completely emotional wild card pick. It was love at first sight both on the hanger and when I put it on. Couldn't stop smiling.

The skirt is very versatile and will work with a great deal of my spring/summer current wardrobe. The mint vest will work well with black and/or white which is very well represented in my wardrobe.

I love all these pieces and feel good in them. But I feel conflicted in how they relate to what I had expressed as my style goals. Are these items too conservative for me? How would I introduce that bit of edge I crave when wearing these items?

Then I look at my favorite eBay seller's site and she has the following EF pieces (pics #4-7) that I know would work on my body and work play really well with what I currently have. Plus she has a black/white BCBG blouse (pic #8) that is the sister to my blush BCBG blouse - that great drapey wedge shape that works well on my apple frame.

Ok...I realize I'm rambling now...maybe I need to try on the new items again with some of my existing pieces to see how they all play together and post some pics for feedback. Maybe I'm just "in a mood" 'cause it's snowing!

Any words of wisdom out there for me???


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The next shoe purchase

Now that I'm all sorted with flat black footwear, it's time to move on to the next item. The bulk of this year's spring/summer wardrobe budget will be on comfortable yet still attractive footwear. I need to replace a number of shoes/sandals I currently have not because of wear and tear but because my need for comfort has increased tremendously due to my increasingly fussy feet.

Sadly my bone/silver shoe sandals are probably going to have to go (insert very loud sob here...). I have loved and worn these babies for three years now but alas, when trying them on this past weekend when closet cleaning, I discovered they don't really have the arch support I now need and border on too narrow across the mid foot. So I am in the market for a dressier light colored sandal for the warm weather. Lo and behold, these silvery-white Naot sandals (the color is called Misty Silver) are available at the same local store I got the Naot Lan shoes. The heel is only 1 inch in height and it has the same Naot anatomical footbed as my current Naot footwear. I also have a real soft spot for any type of footwear that wraps or crosses over on the top of my foot - have no idea why...

Thoughts on this style for MY style?


The Naot shoes have arrived and...

My feet are positively SINGING with comfort!!'

Following my various posts on foot woes, the first pair of shoes I ordered were the Naot Lan in black. (I'm on my phone so can't link to my previous thread)

Here are a couple of quick pics taken as soon as I got home with what I wore today and then with my aviator troisers just as a pants example - I don't wear these pants rolled but wanted to give you an idea of how the shoes would look with cropped pants.

I know these won't be to everyone's liking but I can carry a chunky shoe (right Angie?) and I actually like the geeky look of these.

And then there's the comfort. Without a doubt 11 out of 10! So these are a huge KEEP for me and I promise to make them look stylish :)

Thanks Sharan for your info on these shoes. Flat black shoes - crossed off the list. Onto the next item...


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Anyone familiar with this EF dress?

I've been toying with the idea of a shirt dress for spring/summer but want one with a bit more substantial fabrice - nothing too "floaty". Would also like something that would work with tights and booties in cooler weather but with sandals and bare legs in hotter weather.

I love this Eileen Fisher chambray blend shirt dress - it has sleeves that can be full length or rolled with tabs, has a bit of structure too it and could work for both weekends and work.

  • Has anyone seen it IRL (it's from last year)?
  • Not sure this shape would work on an apple - thoughts?
Sorry to be such a forum hog the last few days - the changes in season always gets my fashion juices flowing!


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Fussy Feet Shoes I like (ETA a refined possibility added)

Hope I'm not driving you crazy with my posts regarding my fussy feet and shoe woes :(

Suz asked me in my previous thread about what kind of shoes I'm looking for. I'm actually looking for a bit of variety - shoes I can wear to work with skirts/dresses as well as pants that are both closed toe and open toe/sandal for warm weather. I'm also looking for casual footwear to wear with jeans, shorts and lots of walking. We're going to the west coast for a holiday this summer and we always do a TON of walking when we're there. I'm wanting footwear that is comfortable first and foremost and then has a bit of style - looks modern. I know trendy won't necessarily fit with what I can wear. No more pointy toes and no more heels over 2 inches. I can't wear slingbacks as the back strap does not stay on my sloping, narrow heel.

So taking those parameters into consideration and looking at my two favorite brands that my feet love and work for all of my various increasing foot issues - Doc Martens and Naot - here are some offerings that I genuinely like. They are also available either locally or online with good return policies and reasonable shipping.

#1 - Doc Martens ankle strap shoe
#2 - Doc Martens open weave shoe
#3 - Doc Martens floral canvas shoe
#4 - Doc Martens black/white tassle oxford
#5 - Naot black pump (heel is 1 3/4 inches)
#6 - Naot black/blue Kedma lace up oxford (Angie pick)
#7 - Naot gold gladiator sandal
#8 - Naot red patent (same as black pump)
#9 - Naot white sneaker
#10 - Birkenstock white Arizona (my black/white polka dot Birks were an absolute workhorse last summer)

In looking at these the white Birkenstock Arizonas are a no-brainer - I will be buying these. Thank goodness for the sporty lux trend.

I also think the white Naot sneakers will be purchased as they will be fabulous walking shoes and will look cute with casual skirts/dresses as well as shorts and jeans. Again - whoo hoo for sporty lux!

I think the gold Naot gladiator style sandals could work well for the office. A nice metallic neutral that is a bit dressier.

I've also decided that replacing my footwear is my #1 style and wardrobe priority this year and because of the price of the footwear that works for me, will exhaust my wardrobe budget. Therefore I will need to keep my clothing purchases to a minimum in order to build up a capsule of comfy shoes and sandals.

So over to you...are there any of these particular shoes/sandals that you can see for me or any that make you say "what are YOU thinking?".

And if you've made it through not only this thread but my entire whining session about feet and shoes, I do thank you :)

ETA: I just found this fabulous little shoe on the Clarks website. It comes in wide which is a bonus since that style that cuts across the bunion can often be too narrow (the problem with the Okalas) and the heel is 2 inches. I am definitely going to try these as they have the more refined look I'm wanting but can't seem to find in a comfort shoe. Soooo excited about this possibility! Here's the link


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Proud Mama (aka my little boy is all grown up)

Check out what my son bought himself yesterday - love it! Another Doc generation is born :)


WIB Dreaming of Spring

Had to do some running about last night and decided to look at spring footwear - a gal's gotta dream that spring will arrive right?

I've been considering adding a pair of high vamp peep toe bootie sandals in a nude-for-me shade but finding that to fit my high volume, high arch with PF, bunion, short, wide toe box but narrow heeled feet is no small task. Good grief, aging provides foot issues doesn't it?!

Well I found them and I can't say enough how thrilled I am. These are Steve Madden and the leather upper is buttery soft. They are wide enough to accommodate the bunions and my wider forefoot. The ankle fits nicely and the hidden elastic panel in the ankle strap allows for nice flex when striding. The arch is high enough for good support and is in exactly the right spot on my feet. And the heels are a substantial width at 2 inches which I can wear comfortably.

Once spring arrives, I plan on wearing these with everything. I might even bust them out with nude hose once the snow is gone. They also come in black which I am considering.

ETA: I normally wear a 6.5 but that size was huge - I bought the 6.


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