Danier Leather Spring Outfits

These are some of the outfits showcasing on Danier Leather's Spring Lookbook right now - gotta say, I love EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE!!! Probably should start saving my pennies now...

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  • milehighstyle (Linda) replied 5 years ago

    These looks are so you, Shannon. You would rock all of them. I love the leather vest over a sleeveless white top - I wish I could wear that, but the only times my arms are warm enough to go bare, it's way too hot for a leather vest.  Also loving the two tone jacket.  Drool.

  • Jules replied 5 years ago

    I also enjoyed the look book. I even surprised myself by really liking the oversized moto (I didn't even like the Spiegel very much....). However I was disappointed that when I clicked thru the colours seem to be very limited. In the past the colour selection was a big part of what made Danier interesting for me.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago

    Jules - when I was in Danier the other day, the SA did mention that there will be some pastels and brighter colors coming in soon for Spring but that they weren't featured in the Look Book. I don't know why they wouldn't show them...

    Linda - it's funny when I looked at these outfits I kind of said to myself "I feel like this is the style direction I wanna head". Thanks for your faith in me being able to pull off any of these looks - lol!

  • rachylou replied 5 years ago

    Oh wow. Those are gorgeous. Man. Danier needs to come to the States.

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Wow, these are stunning, Shannon!! I want #1 and #5 and #6 and #3 and ...oh heck, just give them all to me, okay? 


  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    ETA: I think they have someone new in the design department. The stuff is looking much more current somehow, don't you think? 

  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago

    Rachy - maybe we should start a petition to get Danier to come to the US?

    Suz - aren't they gorgeous? I agree that there has been a real shift in their style this year. Not just clothing, but even their handbags. There's now a great combination of classic and edgy and dare I say it, at times a Helmut Lang sort of feel.

    I may need to revise my recently posted Spring shopping list...

  • AviaMariah replied 5 years ago

    I'll sign the petition to get them to come to the US.  I'm thinking I need to take a trip to Canada just to visit a store!

  • rachylou replied 5 years ago

    Yes, yes we should!

    I mean, why can't they ship to the U.S.? Shouldn't NAFTA have done something about that?

  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago

    Rachy - I think they do ship to the US. Rae ordered a white leather jacket from  them last year. And they do have excellent customer service - as I recall Rae got the exact measurements for the jacket before ordering to be sure it would fit.

  • Jules replied 5 years ago

    They do ship to the US, don't they? 
    I came across an article (something general on US stores coming to Canada.. I think it was uniqlo I was looking for) that listed Danier as a Canadian export that already failed.
    Shannon I am glad to hear they will have some other colours. I can understand wanting the Look Book to have a Look but even when I clicked through several times to see the item page, there were no colour options. Maybe this collection is very just focused. But I am glad to hear that Danier will not be a sea of black come spring!

  • rachylou replied 5 years ago

    Oh do they? I will have to have another look. Could have sworn the site said they don't ship to the States.

    Ok. Nevermind. I'll hold-off on the protests and sign-waving. Lol.

  • catgirl replied 5 years ago


  • TraceyLiz65 replied 5 years ago

    Eye Candy!!!!

  • Debra replied 5 years ago

    These are all absolutely gorgeous, I LOVE them all. Simple, but quality :)
    I'm saving my pennies now...I wonder if they ship to Oz ???

  • amiable replied 5 years ago

    Oh My.  #5 and #6 make me drool.

    Wait.  Are they in Toronto?  I'm coming to Toronto at the end of March....

  • Jules replied 5 years ago

    They are very much in Toronto, amiable :) If you are coming for business downtown, there is one in First Canadian Place and one in the Eaton Centre, for starters.

  • Thistle replied 5 years ago

    *wipes drool*

    So glad there is no danier by me. I would be needing #3 if there was!

  • Greyscale replied 5 years ago

    Oh, these are gorgeous indeed. The jacket in 4 might be a nice alternative to my dream Acne jacket, in closer to my price range. 

  • unfrumped replied 5 years ago

    I like the styles but I'm craving some lighter colors!

  • lyn* replied 5 years ago

    They sure are stepping up their game - I love the first skirt and that white drapy top, although I think neither would work well with my body type. Grr.

    Danier is dangerous for my bottom line ;)

  • lyn* replied 5 years ago

    And I love this jacket. Hmm. I don't usually look at the men's look book, but Danier ... drat you ... why is your stuff so pretty.

  • Caro in Oz replied 5 years ago

    Elegant yet edgy - love :) :)

  • Ariadne replied 5 years ago

    Love them all, especially #6.  The gold hardware means most of it is out for me, though.

  • Isabel replied 5 years ago

    O.M.G.   what beauty !  Is it me or are they really stepping up their game.  If only I "needed" more clothing.  Forget the petition .  Run for the border, RUN !

  • karymk replied 5 years ago

    I just love the skirt. Looks like you could dupe these pretty easily Shannon.

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    Lovely things! Is that a leather knee length pencil skirt in #6!?

  • Sarah A replied 5 years ago

    I'll skip two since brown isnt me so much but one of each on the rest then, okay? Great inspiration photos Shannon!

  • Beth Ann replied 5 years ago

    So hear that crashing sound?  That's me, breaking a commandment:  Thou "Shalt Not Covet."  That applies to leather, too!

  • Lyn D. replied 5 years ago

    Oooh! Nice clean-cut and elegant pieces.

  • Sveta replied 5 years ago

    I also wanted to see pastels, lights and brights but these outfits are nice too. I especially like the oversized moto - so on trend with the sleeve shape! The moto vest is fun too.

  • kkards replied 5 years ago

    OMG! i'm in love…#2, #5, #3. 

  • replied 5 years ago

    Goodness! Those are all fab! I'll take one of everything please :D

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    LOVE #5. Want. 

  • fuzzylogic replied 5 years ago

    Slightly oversized straight leg pants and leather vest- oh how I love thee!!!

  • fuzzylogic replied 5 years ago

    Oh, Angie- snap!

  • jenanded replied 5 years ago

    I need to get back to Canada for another Danier fix after you and Sveta had mentioned it so.... much.... I love the skirts with feminine tops which would look so good on you Shannon!

  • catgirl replied 5 years ago

    I want that leather vest so much....

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