WIW: With my new hair

Sorry for the absence as of late - work life has taken on a crazy pace and I'm lucky to have time to eat lunch these days. I have tried to pop in and read a post here and there so that I can keep up - and happy birthday to those whose birthday threads I have missed :)

Today's outfit started with my black ponte knit jeggings paired with my Danier asymmetrical drapey black and light grey tunic top. I have worn this top with a black leather topper but decided today to try it with my bone leather jacket to bring out the lighter tones in the tunic and lighten up the overall outfit. I hope it works ok. I chose my comfy black leather Chelsea boots for footwear and then went with my large cream handbag to further play up the lighter tones in the top and jacket. Purple/clear specs, silver wedding band and berry coloured lipstick finish off the outfit.

And yesterday when my stylist called and said she had a cancellation at 5:30 and would I like to move my haircut appointment up, I jumped at the chance. In the end I decided to go back to a short pixie cut (sorry Angie - this may be too short for you :) ). A super short choppy style feels like ME and I've decided that's what is important. And then for fun, we added one dark purple piece in the longer side of the fringe (it doesn't show up in the pictures very well unfortunately). I couldn't be happier and feel like this brings back some of my spunk and sass - something I feel like I've been missing for a while.

Thoughts ladies? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket, top and handbag: Danier Leather
Pants: NYDJ
Boots: Clarks

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  • lyn67 replied 4 years ago

    Oh, I love the new hair! The shorter and gorgeous salt and pepper pixie suits you to a tee and the purple strake is a great detail(love it with the specs!) gives a lotta interest I bet!  Love todays outfit! From all the bright  whites included -spring it's on your way I guess, YLF Shannon!:-)

  • Elizabeth P replied 4 years ago

    Great to see you again Shannon!  I was wondering where you were, glad to hear it was business not something else.

    Your hair looks awesome.  And I totally get how "spunk and sass" can disappear as the locks grow.  Your hair looked great as it was growing, but if it his is more you, then this is how it should be.  For now :)

    And of course the outfits works.  And I'm taking note, as I can pretty much copy it directly!  I was wondering about that top/jacket pairing actually, just haven't got to trying it yet.  Except of course with me I don't have the hair to help balance the dark bottoms, so might not work as well.  Time will tell.

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    Love the tunic with the light jacket and of course love your hair, purple streak especially included!

  • trekkiegirl replied 4 years ago

    How fun! Love the new hair and the lighter jacket looks great with that top

  • replied 4 years ago

    Love the outfit! It's great how you lightened it up with the jacket and bag. Your hair is pretty amazing too. Love it.

  • Robidi replied 4 years ago

    I love the outfit and your hair is stunning!

  • celia replied 4 years ago

    Hello Jacket twin :)
    You look so happy in your new haircut and outfit. The purple piece adds sass , just as you like it.
    Do you think the color will limit your wardrobe choices?
    I think the addition of the white/creams works really well and lightens up the outfit.

  • Eliza replied 4 years ago

    Gorgeous.  And I did see the purple in the photos and then went back to your post see if it was really there.  How perfect is the hint of color with your beautiful specs, Shannon.  Awesome all around.  I love the pattern on your top- so fresh!

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Fabulous, Shannon, and I missed you! LOVE the new purple streak -- it definitely brings back your sass and spunk. I am still debating that for myself. :) 

  • jackiec replied 4 years ago

    So great to see you back! I hope work settles down for you soon. Your new hair looks fantastic! Fun coloured streak! And your outfit as usual looks great. I must thank you personally for recommending those Clark's. I bought then cognac version on sale after Xmas on your recommendation and they are super super comfy!

  • Olivegreen replied 4 years ago

    Love the hair, love the glasses. Love your smile:-)
    Would probably not wear the loose top with the outfit...negates the rock and roll vibe that seems to suit the hair? You can carry off R&R.
    Or wear the loose top without the short jacket, maybe with serious heavy statement necklace, those great boots, slim pants. Arty, still a bit challenging, set off the hair and glasses and streak.
    I have had very short hair and felt like it called for some decisive styling choices.

  • replied 4 years ago

    Hello there!  Missed you  :)       I am so excited for you - I know that feeling of finally getting your hair cut after waiting , and then to get in early on top of it - !!   I have to admit I've always been skeptical about coloured streaks in hair - but I really like this on you.
     It is the perfect update . You look like a million bucks today - and that bone leather is a great mid-winter brightener. 

  • Sara L. replied 4 years ago

    Your outfit is great with the asymmetrical top and short jacket.  I love the purple streak!  I agree that it brings some additional spunk and sass into your style.

  • ruthe replied 4 years ago

    You beautiful lady. I so enjoy reading your posts. Like reading a glossy fashion magazine. Even if there were no pictures I'd still see it all in my mind's eye. And fun! Did I say fun? Purple hair stripe indeed :) Gotta love it.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 4 years ago

    lyn67- I don't think Spring is quite on its way to us here yet - it is bitterly cold today at -36 with windchill.....brrrr......

    Elizabeth - I think you could pull off the light jacket and dark pants no problem. Give it a go! And I'm giggling at your comment about "for now" with my short hair :)

    Shevia, TrekkieGrl, Diane, Robidi - thank you all so much :)

    Celia - I forgot you had this jacket! Isn't it just the best? Who knew a light colored leather jacket would be so versatile. I don't think the purple highlight in my hair will limit my color choices. I had a slight concern that it would clash with my red specs but the two look great together IMHO.

    Eliza - I'm thrilled with my how my stylist made the purple just peeking through. I don't want it to be super obvious but just enough that people will go "hey...did I just see a bit of purple?"

    Suz - you would rock a colored streak in your hair. Just sayin...

    Jackie - thrilled that the Clarks worked out for you. They are incredibly comfortable all day long. I actually went back to buy the cognac too since they are so fab but they were sold out of my size - might try to find them somewhere else though.

    Olivegreen - thank you so much for your styling suggestions. Unfortunately the top is sleeveless so not practical to wear without a topper in our cold winter climate.

    Lisa - I definitely would not feel the same about the colored streak had it been super obvious. As my stylist said "sweetie, you're not 20 and you don't want to play Rainbow Bright with your hair" - ha! We wanted the color to be subtle and she totally pulled it off.

    Sara - I love the asymmetry of this top and would definitely like to find more with this type of angular shape.

    Ruthe - you are so sweet! Thank you :)

  • citygirldc replied 4 years ago

    I'm loving your short hair.  You look awesome.

  • celia replied 4 years ago

    Yes, it is a very versatile jacket. I plan to wear in my Cold Spring wardrobe.
    The purple hair with red specs will look fab, imo.

  • La Belle Demimondaine replied 4 years ago

    You look uh-mazing!  I love the hair, and the lighter colors really make you glow!

  • merwoman replied 4 years ago

    Your smile says it all - gorgeous and sassy you!

  • Missey replied 4 years ago

    I absolutely adore you in a pixie...the style really suits you to a "T"!  As a bonus, the shorter, lighter style really highlights your lovely facial features and give your face brightnes and a lift. 

    Your outfit is lovely too...your smile, as always, is your best accessory.

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    Shannon, I've missed you and glad that all is well. I can't see the purple streak on my iPad, but your new cut looks spunky and shows off your lovely features.
    The light leather jacket looks fine with your outfit. I love that watercolor top and think yours inspired me to pick up a similar one, so I'm taking notes for how to style it for early spring. Mine is unfortunately not assymetrical so I do a side semituck to get the look. The streaks in your top echo the streaks in your hair. Maybe you need to add a purple streak to the top? :)

  • rachylou replied 4 years ago

    What a great top!

  • shipskitty replied 4 years ago

    Love your new hair and this is a lovely outfit - gorgous top.

  • viva replied 4 years ago

    Just a quick note before I run out -- LOVE your hair Shannon. It looks wonderful and I can tell how happy it makes you. I had an appointment today, but I am not feeling great and I was not disappointed when my stylist canceled due to a sick child. When I go in two weeks I hope I feel like you look here!

    That purple streak is very fun! Bonus pic here of my younger DD. Thought you might enjoy her most recent hair experiment (speaking of purple).

  • Deborah replied 4 years ago

    Shannon I love your hair!!! And that streak of colour, so cool.  It's about what works for you.  What feels good and what you like on yourself.  This doesn't look too short at all.

    And of course fab outfit. Everytime you post that blouse I go looking to see if they have restocked in my size :(

  • Transcona Shannon replied 4 years ago

    CitygirlDC - thank you so much.

    LBD - it's interesting you mention the lighter colors. I love to wear black but am beginning to wonder if I need to add more "lightness" to my outfits.

    Merwoman & Missy - you are both so sweet and kind :)

    Joy - hmmmm...maybe I need to get a purple marker and play with some clothes -lol!

    Thanks Rachy and Shipkitty!

    Viva - love your daughter's hair! It reminds me of when I was 17 and had lime green hair. So fun!

    Deborah - you've hit the nail on the head! It really is what works for us as individuals isn't it?

    Thanks for the feedback ladies :)

  • Runcarla replied 4 years ago

    So glad to see your post. Your stylist did a great job with your hair - cut and colour! Love the subtlety of the purple streak. Fun in a grown-up way.

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    I LOVE the longer fringe and purple streak, Shannon. Looks plenty modern (fringe provides movement despite the short sides), not frumpy, and totally gorgeous. A little '80s too - which you know coming from me is a compliment. 

    Fab outfit too. Black & White is a slam-dunk on you. 

  • shedev replied 4 years ago

    I like the light topper with the top as much as I do the black one. The new do is awesome.

  • Karie replied 4 years ago

    I'm late to this party, but I had to pop in and say I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I love, love, love the addition of the purple streak.

    Your outfit is stellar too!

  • Emily replied 4 years ago

    Shannon, I love your hair!  And your outfit!  And your gorgeous smile!  :)

  • approprio replied 4 years ago

    New hair is great! Black and white always wins the day! Now I have to bump this so you and Elizabeth P appear side by side...

  • rachylou replied 4 years ago

    Hey that is too funny :) girl gang! Cool.

  • Lyn D. replied 4 years ago

    Great new hair, and a Fab outfit as usual :)

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