WIW: to take my MIL to Sephora

I had to go to Sephora today to replenish a few of my supplies and asked MIL if she wanted to come with me. Well...she had a BLAST! She got chatting with one of the salesgirls, who was just adorable and sweet. MIL got asking about makeovers and the young SA said that yes, they do them for an hour with a $50 charge. MIL thought this sounded like so much fun so I just turned around and asked if they would have time now and it would be my treat. An hour later my MIL looked absolutely GORGEOUS and I swear she stood 2 inches taller 'cause she felt so good. We wandered around the mall for a good two hours looking at all the beautiful holidays outfits that are making their way into the stores now. On our way out, MIL spotted a lovely little red and animal print clutch, grabbed it and nearly ran to the counter to pay for it. I thought "wow, good for her" and then as we got into the car she presented it to me...said as soon as she saw it, it said "Shannon style" to her. How sweet is that? I'll show you with an outfit in the next few days. We had a truly wonderful girls day out. I'm blessed, truly blessed.

BTW MIL has tried the electronic cigarette again and now uses nothing but. She hasn't had a real cigarette in about 4-5 days and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Anyway, here's what I wore. Just a casual pair of slightly faded straight leg jeans, a cream and black striped loose turtleneck sweater and my faux fur vest. Footwear is a pair of black leather Clarks. Hope it looks ok.

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  • rae replied 7 years ago

    OMG, the best news all around! Love the outfit, but I love the story even more. So glad that your MIL had a happy day and is taking to the e-ciggie. Can't wait to see the bag she chose for you!

  • moira replied 7 years ago

    She sounds like a great MIL and you sound like a wonderful DIL.
    As always, you look great.

  • Gaylene replied 7 years ago

    Such a sweet story. I'm so glad that your relationship with your MIL has survived the rocky times and is back to normal. And that clutch is such a nice memory of a wonderful day that you two spent together.

    It's sometimes funny how we forget that getting older doesn't mean that those "girly" things, like a makeover, aren't still fun. My 88 year-old Mom is in a care home with Parkinson's but my treat was to book a mani and pedi for her last month. She couldn't stop admiring her red nails and toes. The staff all got such a kick out of it, they kept taking pictures of her in different matching outfits!

  • Glory replied 7 years ago

    Shannon you are paying it forward! What a wonderful story - thanks for sharing it.

  • Ingunn replied 7 years ago

    I love the story, and I love your outfit! This is so relaxed and put together. Having warm, close relations are so important for a good life, so you are obviously blessed in that respect.

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    What a heart warming story. MIL and you share a special bond. Retail therapy is TRUE therapy!

    And an adorable outfit :)

  • Caro in Oz replied 7 years ago

    That's great news!
    Love your outfit - stylish casual.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    It really is TRUE therapy isn't it Angie? I honestly never really thought about that expression before - retail therapy. I used to say it about myself knowing at times I used shopping as a cure for boredom or stress. But today really was therapeutic - it took my MIL's mind off of her illness, made her feel young and pretty, and helped to heal our recent disagreements.

  • MsMary replied 7 years ago

    Wow, what a great story! Nothing but big wins on every level!! :)

  • Raisin replied 7 years ago

    Love your outfit. You sound like you have a very lovely MIL!

  • Nadya replied 7 years ago

    How fun! My MIL and I love to shop together. My mom isn't a recreational shopper, so it's been fun to have someone who really enjoys it. I introduced her to Stila and MAC and we often hit Swohora when she visits.

    You look cute and cozy in this. Great weekend outfit!

  • Thistle replied 7 years ago

    Your outfit looks fun and laid back.

    I am so glad you and your MIL had such a wonderful day together! It is something you will both remember.

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 7 years ago

    Shannon, what a wonderful story of giving and caring. You really are a nice person and that is one of the highest compliments I can give.

  • JR replied 7 years ago

    Love the outfit and the story! I am so glad things are working out better on the smoking front.

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Shannon, this brought tears to my eyes. You are SUCH a wonderful DIL to your MIL! And she obviously values you. SO glad to hear about the electronic cigarettes.


  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    What a great day. And so pleased to hear she is dealing with the cigarette issue.

  • shevia replied 7 years ago

    You are such a sweetheart and that is wonderful news about MIL. Of course you look fab, but even more, you are fab!

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