WIW: The Colour Red

Well how timely is your post this morning Angie! The colour red has become a HUGE part of my style - in both bright red and a darker red, in a dress, cardigan, blazer, booties and clutch. And don't forget my red lipstick and red specs. I love the colour red! What's interesting is I didn't wear much red when I coloured my hair but have fallen back in love with it since letting my salt-n-pepper hair go natural. I think it suits my natural colouring much better.

Today's outfit actually started with my new red blazer (with houndstooth lining). I popped the blazer on top of my cream/black dalmation print wrap blouse. I paired the blouse with my ponte knit slim leg trousers and although in the picture I'm wearing my black Chelsea boots, I've actually changed to my red SE booties to bookend the blazer and add a wee bit more fun.

My black leather satchel handbag, red specs and red lip finish the outfit. So what do you think? Does it all work together? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Blazer: Cleo Petite
Blouse: Dorothy Perkins Petite
Trousers: NYDJ
Booties: Clarks
Handbag: Danier Leather

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  • Nebraskim replied 5 years ago

    Love this look. Really cheerful and fresh. The dots pattern-mixed with the houndstooth lining is A-plus.

  • shevia replied 5 years ago

    Perfect illustration of today's blog! I thought of your red lipstick when I read it.

  • Robidi replied 5 years ago

    Love everything about this outfit!

  • Elizabeth P replied 5 years ago

    Fantastic Shannon! 

  • torontogirl replied 5 years ago

    You look fantastic!

  • Sara L. replied 5 years ago

    Great outfit! I also like how it's holiday - ish without having to wear something with a specific theme.

  • Windchime replied 5 years ago

    You look wonderful! The blazer's houndstooth lining is like a bonus, isn't it? :)

  • jackiec replied 5 years ago

    Fun & cheerful, Shannon :)

  • Beth Ann replied 5 years ago

    A red jacket is a bit of fun, isn't it!  I purchased one this year -- a longer, but classic shape in blue red ponte.  Love it!  Your has a gorgeous color and is marvelously versatile -- with a length that works for both skirts and pants.

    And the red lippy is a perfect finish!

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    Ooooh. Great red outfit. Fun, festive and happy - just like you. 

    LOVING the longer hair. xo

  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago

    Awww shucks...thanks y'all :) Isn't red such a happy color?

    Angie - I'm starting to quite enjoy the longer hair. I'm just letting it do its thing...

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Gorgeous, Shannon, and how timely! What a fun and festive outfit. 

  • Quietgirl replied 5 years ago

    It IS a happy color and it makes you look beautiful!

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