WIW: B/W pattern mixing

I've slowly been bringing up some spring items from my downstairs closet, which includes this black and white striped knit blazer. This morning I decided on a whim to do a little black and white pattern mixing by wearing my black and white graphic print wrap dress topped with my black and white striped blazer. I think by having the two patterns in the same colour way keeps things from being too crazy - at least, that's my hope - lol!

I added my black pointy toe kitten heel pumps for footwear and went with my red quilted handbag, red specs and red lipstick for some colour and contrast.

So what do you think? Does this work together or have I lost my mind? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Blazer: Ambition
Dress: Maggy London
Pumps: Calvin Klein
Handbag: Nine West

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  • replied 10 years ago

    I think it is a fun, bold choice. I am not sure if it works or not, it is completely out of my comfort zone, but I am trying not to let that colour my gaze.

    I think I would like it better if the stripes were slightly larger scale to match the pattern on the dress? And actually, if it was a coloured striped blazer, I think I would like it better!

    The red touches are nice.

  • Mochi replied 10 years ago

    Oh, it's great! Not overwhelming or too loud at all. Very chic and ready for springtime. Shannon, you are looking wonderful.

  • Neel replied 10 years ago

    I think it works. A little busy for your usual style .... But you never fail to surprise us :). I do think keeping the colors similar works in a very cohesive and pleasant way. Great pattern mixing skills imo. And the pop of red is fun!

  • Ingunn replied 10 years ago

    I think it works really well! It is a bit loud, sure, but I'm not overwhelmed at all. As long as the colors are the same, I think different patterns play nicely together. I love the touch of red with it. I think you look like a very interesting and fun person in this outfit (which I already know that you are:).

  • El Cee replied 10 years ago

    No, you have not lost your mind. I love your playful B/W pattern mixing and, of course, your added pops of red. I think this is a fun Spring look. Makes me smile. :-)

  • Joy replied 10 years ago

    Fun! fun! Fun!

  • leopardluxe replied 10 years ago

    I think it works great. It's bold, but because you kept to black and white and only used a pop of solid red with the bag it really works well together.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    Ceit - I wondered about the scale of the stripes too. Maybe scale plays an even more important role than color???

    Thanks Mochi, Neel, Ingunn, El Cee, Joy and leopardlux for indulging me :)

    I must admit, I'm getting some interesting glances in the office today. And don't drive after looking at this outfit too long - it messes with your eyes - LOL!

  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    I love it! I think it works beautifully and you look incredibly fresh and fun! 

  • Jaime replied 10 years ago

    Works for me and I love the red accents too!

  • adorkable replied 10 years ago

    Really fun. Is your office very conservative?

  • Emily replied 10 years ago

    It's bold for sure - and out of my comfort zone, too.  I think you look good, though. Definitely made me smile :)

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    adorkable - I don't know if I'd go so far as to say my office is conservative, but it is not creative, if that makes sense.

    I actually just went to our cafeteria to grab a cup of coffee and the lady in the line behind me was chatting with someone and commented "what does she think she's wearing" - I assumed it was about me so I politely turned around and smiled saying good morning. So she outright asked me why I was wearing stripes with a "busy" dress. So I simply said "doing a little pattern mixing for a dreary day - isn't it fun?" She then actually smiled and said "yes, I guess it is".

  • Angie replied 10 years ago

    Killer Fun yet Professional. 

    I love the way you fill out a frock. It's sublime. 

    You are beautiful inside and out, Shannon. xo

  • fuzzylogic replied 10 years ago

    Awesome pattern mixing! It is bold but, as you pointed out, because you have limited the colour palette to navy and white it doesn't appear too hectic! (apparently I am all about the colour palette today.......) and the contrasting handbag completes the look! Nice job!

    Perhaps you have inspired someone at your work place???.......

  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago

    Shannon --- What a gracious and elegant response to a careless coworker!  Maybe she'll try having fun wish fashion herself!

    I see what Ceit does --- the patterns are perhaps a little more similar in scale than is ideal for a pattern mix --- both kind of "midscale" if that makes sense.  That said, I think the camera picks this up, particularly in graphic b/w, more than IRL, I think.  I think pattern mixing always looks best IRL -  on a 3D, moving body --- so I vote:  yep, it works!

    And I am so glad to see this dress again! 

  • Parsley replied 10 years ago

    You look darling in this outfit, Shannon! It does make me a little dizzy, but I like it on you, anyway.

    What a great comeback to the person at the cafeteria! I love how you bring sunshine and fun into people's days!

  • rabbit replied 10 years ago

    I love it!!! A big smile on my face as soon as I clicked on the photo.   It's such a fun way to add variety to how clothes get combined.   Love the pops of color.  

    My micro adjustment would maybe be to try a bright bag without a textural pattern just so it doesn't add a third pattern element - even if it's a very subtle one.

  • replied 10 years ago

    Shannon, you are simply amazing. First of all, you look gorgeous, fun, and like you know what you're doing when it comes to personal style. Second, the way you responded to that woman was so gracious and kind. Before you know it, she'll be asking you to take her shopping! :D

  • columbine(erin) replied 10 years ago

    It is bold but the jacket and dress fit you so well and, I really love the proportions. It might have been a bit much to have different colors in the jacket and dress but the red lip and handbag are great touches. I'm saving this post. I need to learn how to look fab while pattern mixing, as you do.

  • EveningMood replied 10 years ago

    Shannon, I love the outfit and the classy comeback! I can't do pattern mixing to save my life, but you inspired me to try it with black and white.

  • Helena replied 10 years ago

    Shannon, I don't think everyone could pull this bold look off - but you definitely do! And it shows a lot of confidence and style too.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    I have to tell you all - I'm having so much fun wearing this hectic combination today! And just to clarify, the lady in the cafeteria was just some random lady, not a co-worker.

    Angie - you are so kind :) Thank you.

    Rabbit - excellent suggestion! I didn't even realize that the handbag has yet another pattern. Thanks.

    Thanks for your comments ladies - I agree that this outfit isn't for everyone and I totally appreciate that it won't be everyone's cup of tea. And I sure hope your eyes have all returned to normal after having a look at this!

  • Thistle replied 10 years ago

    Dress twin!!  Love the wrap dress on you, and it looks so good with a red handbag!

  • Debra replied 10 years ago

    What a great dress :) the pattern mix is fun, I like the look but don't know that I'd be able to pull it off. You, on the other hand look fantastic :)

  • lyn67 replied 10 years ago

    You surprised me with this pattern mixing Shannon, but I trully like it! Loved your chat with that lady, I think it suddenly grew up on her to accept others may have real fun with fashion!

  • gryffin replied 10 years ago

    Shannon - sublime!!  You nailed it!!  Fantastic and very fun combo!

  • DonnaF replied 10 years ago

    I LOVE your pattern mixing!  It is particularly interesting because the dress pattern is on the diagonal while the jacket's is horizontal.  IMHO it works because the jacket stripes are so narrow.  If they were wide stripes (which would normally be seen in such a pattern mix), the jacket wouldn't be as flattering on you plus would come across as too casual and nautical for work.

  • Karie replied 10 years ago

    I love pattern mixing, and not only do I love your bold and fun take on pattern mixing, but I love your response to the woman in line behind you. Perfectly classy, just like you :)

  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago

    I adore the pattern mix here especially with the pleating in the dress adding an additional layer of interest. The red lady-like bag with coin purse closure is fabulous! I wouldn't change a thing.

  • rachylou replied 10 years ago

    I love it! Bold and vibrant! It's not, tho, for people with vertigo. Its strong.

  • Mo replied 10 years ago

    Just saw this on the wall and had to pop over to say how much I like it!

  • catgirl replied 10 years ago

    It works!  I was inspired to put on a patterned b/w dotty scarf with a houndstooth dress today because of you.

  • adorkable replied 10 years ago

    "Not conservative but not creative" makes PERFECT sense to me. :) Still, you look great!

  • CocoLion replied 10 years ago

    It's a lot of visual stimulation but I love it!  One of your best.

  • Asingh replied 10 years ago

    This looks like a fun outfit, Shannon!

  • Kiwichik replied 10 years ago

    Inspires me yo have a few black & white moments of my own.

  • Deborah replied 10 years ago

    Shannon tonal pattern mixing is the only kind I have a high tolerance for, and I love this look. It's very pleasing on the eye and you look very stylish. Lovely.

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