WIW: Blush & Burgundy

Grrrrrr…..these skinnies have photographed almost black but trust me, these are burgundy. In fact, they are my ancient burgundy skinnies. I tucked these away for a while as I was rather tired of them plus I didn't like the way they were fitting. Now after a bit of time apart and a few pounds down, I was quite happy to pull them out again.

So my outfit started with my burgundy skinnies to which I added my charcoal tie-dye-ish drapey silk tank. Over top of that, I've popped on my blush leather moto jacket. I'm wearing this as my indoor topper (I will have a puffer coat over top when I head out the door - it is still very much a cold winter here).

Black patent pointy toe booties, black leather handbag (with gold hardware to match the gold hardware on the leather jacket), red specs and pink lipstick finish off the outfit.

I wish this had photographed better - the pictures do not show the true colours at all…sigh…oh well, what are your thoughts on this outfit? does it all work together? proportions ok? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket & handbag: Danier Leather
Tank: Eileen Fisher (eBay)
Skinnies: Attitude by Jay Manuel
Booties: Ara

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  • Ruth M replied 3 years ago

    You look delicious in these colours, Shannon - strawberry ice cream and plum sauce :) Great outfit.

    It's great when you can enjoy a clothing item again after putting it aside for a while - what a good thing you didn't purge them in a fit of over-zealousness!

  • shevia replied 3 years ago

    I can see the burgundy especially in contrast to the black and love it with your gorgeous blush jacket.

  • Beth Ann replied 3 years ago

    I've been searching for 2 years for burgundy skinnies -- yours are terrific.  The proportions are flattering and pleasing, but it's the texture and color that shines here.  I love the rich buttery quality of leather over the subtle print.  Well done!

  • Nebraskim replied 3 years ago

    Great combination. I am so jealous of that blush moto. What a fab find.

  • Sara L. replied 3 years ago

    Great outfit!  I've paired blush and burgundy together and really like the combination.  The pants show up as burgundy in my moniter (although a fairly dark burgundy).

  • celia replied 3 years ago

    Yes, the combination is beautiful. Blush and burgundy seem like the perfect combination for the quasi- spring time of the year.

  • lyn67 replied 3 years ago

    Love blush and burgundy! Your outfit is no exception, YLF no matter the few pounds up or down, but I know sometimes IT really FEELS better! Congrats on doing a good job!:-) 

  • AM replied 3 years ago

    Love, love the bag! Color combination works well. And I'm remembering what Deborah said, do you have a leather jacket in every color? And the lipstick is perfect!

  • Roxanna replied 3 years ago

    I LOVE this moto jacket and I love the combo of blush and burgindy - one of my fave colour combos, especially with the charcoal grey thrown in :)

  • Astrid replied 3 years ago

    I can see the burgundy on my screen. It's a great color combination! You look lovely.

  • Suz replied 3 years ago

    This is a very flattering combination and such a nice nod to (eventual???) spring. You are smart to have bought a moto in a light colour like this. It really helps bring spring on. 

  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    Ooh, I really like this. There's an overall relaxed similarity between the pieces - but not too relaxed, if you know what I mean. This I feel would be great for the Country Punk Goes to the Office pantheon.

    Dang. Why don't I have a blush moto? ;)

  • Sarah Kay replied 3 years ago

    That blush jacket is gorgeous, and I think it goes great with the burgundy - what a smart idea to pair them!

  • Angie replied 3 years ago

    I love the pink with the red specs. Nice bit of happy Spring in the deep freeze of Winter. 

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    Luscious colors, Shannon! That pink moto jacket is divine on you. I do like the proportions--they look just right to me. If the top were longer, it would shorten the leg line, imo, and I like the curved hem dipping below the jacket. I could also see the jacket and pant combo with an ivory top, if you have one, even with the black boots and bag. I do like the textured look of the subtle print on the charcoal tank, though.

  • Isabel replied 3 years ago

    So interesting! Seems like such an unusual combination but looks so natural! Very pretty!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 3 years ago

    It's very hard to look "spring-ish" when it's -36!

    Sharan - you just gave me two styling ideas with your ivory top suggestion: will try the burgundy and blush with my ivory-background animal print top; will try the burgundy and blush with my white drapey tank and python booties. Thank you!

    Thanks all for your lovely comments :)

  • replied 3 years ago

    I like it a lot too Shannon. This blush colour that you wear is really a good one for you.  I'd personally tuck or partially tuck the top in and get some of it out from under the bottom of the jacket , but hey, that's just me :

  • Keturah replied 3 years ago

    The colors are a bit hard to see, but I do see them! I do!

    And they're marvelous together on you!! That blush color just warms you up like honey and rose petals all over a piece of baklava. Sweet but warm and rich. The gray and burgundy really temper to keep it from being too sugary, if that makes sense. (Forgive the food examples. I'm just really hungry right now and that doesn't help me!!!)

    Uber sophisticated, with just enough of lime (trend) to keep it up going. I love! Hugs and love to you :)

  • E replied 3 years ago

    You look gorgeous Shannon! I love blush & burgundy together, and you've combined it all just perfectly.

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