Summer Fun Money Summary

If my choices from NAS work out, this is what I got with my summer fun money:

1. Black leather blazer from Danier Leather
2. Jeffrey Campbell tricolour patent leather low heeled oxfords
3. Fossil Re-Issued Vintage satchel handbag
4. Vince Camuto teal/black v-neck banded long sleeve tee
5. Halogen tipped sweater blazer in purple
6. Black & white abstract pattern Maggy London wrap dress
7. Elliot Luca "Cordoba" flap front snakeskin handbag in sage colour

I went $172 over my limit but DH said not to worry about, considering all I got. Here's hoping my choices in #4-6 fit. If so, I feel like this is a HUGE influx into my fall wardrobe and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I want to thank everyone who has given input into my gazzillion posts about these items and the spending of my fun money. Your responses seriously helped me make thoughtful choices. Love ya!

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  • Kristin L replied 7 years ago

    That looks like some great things! And that's great that your DH isn't concerned about you going over you limit. He sounds very understanding.

  • Abie replied 7 years ago

    Very nice list Shannon! I can't wait to see your NAS purchases on!

  • KathyL replied 7 years ago

    How fun! Looks like you got some wonderful items. I love the fossil satchel. Can't wait to see you in some of your loot!

  • Sylvie replied 7 years ago

    Excellent purchases Shannon! It's so important to be thoughtful when adding to your wardrobe and your new items will serve you well.

  • rae replied 7 years ago

    Woohoo! You almost have a Fall capsule unto itself there - great haul! Are you getting as impatient for jacket weather as I am?

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    Rae - you have NO idea! Although I love all that comes with summer - beaches, gardening, lazy afternoons in the yard, cold beer on a hot day, ice cream, picnics, camping...I find stylistically it tough to deal with. It gets very hot and humid here in the summer and sometimes style takes a backseat to just making sure you're comfortable. I love jackets - probably my favourite clothing item of all time. So yeah...waiting for jacket weather.

    Kristin - I am indeed very lucky to have an understand hubby. It's actually ironic because I got a letter from the Government yesterday that my income tax was calculated incorrectly so I got a cheque for $203. There's the overage covered guilt free!

  • Keix replied 7 years ago

    Oh, I missed your final sorting out of the Danier leather jacket situation--glad that you got it!

  • Mo replied 7 years ago

    Sounds like a great selection! Hang in there for those items to see if they fit!

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    AMAZING! I can't wait to see you wear these items with your special panache, Shannon.

  • Mellllls replied 7 years ago

    Sounds great! Can't wait to see your stuff.

  • Echo replied 7 years ago

    It sounds like you made truly fantastic choices! I can't wait to see some of these items in action this fall!

  • modgrl replied 7 years ago

    Great picks! Me and you might be dress twinnies soon!!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    YAY Rita - I knew that dress would make you hit the "buy" button!!! Of course, you'll have yours a good 2-3 weeks before me.

    Angie - glad to hear you think my choices were good ones.

  • DonnaF replied 7 years ago

    You & I will be VC striped top twinnies! I ended up returning the other one I bought in PXS; this one is PS so it should fit better in the shoulders. not show back fat, etc.

  • Jem replied 7 years ago

    You did a good job getting some fun things with your money! I can't wait to see it all styled. I hope everything you ordered fits perfectly! And, I think I'm going to go to Danier tomorrow... ;-)

  • replied 7 years ago

    Well done Shannon! I can't wait to see everything (I actually tried to click on the items in your list, lol)!

  • Amy replied 7 years ago

    Oh, Shannon, you're going to rock these new things. I'm looking forward to seeing you wear them.

  • cheryl replied 7 years ago

    Yay! Can't wait to see all your new goodies.

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