Okala frustration

On my spring shopping list, I have the now YLF famous Sam Edelman Okala ankle strap pump. Based on my wardrobe and the other footwear I already have, I have decided that black is my most versatile color option. But alas I can't find black anywhere to be had in Canada. All I can find is the black and tan option in the pic below at The Bay.

I can find plain black on the following websites - Piperlime, Amazon, Nordstrom, Shopbob - all of which deliver to Canada. And all of which will add $46 in shipping and duties to my shoe order! Oh wait...Amazon just messaged that these shoes are not deliverable to Canada....huh???

So my question is - do I go with the black and tan which is available to me and will still be versatile, wait and hope The Bay adds other color ways to their choices, or just suck it up and buy the black through Shopbob and pay the extra?

Why Can't We Have the Same Options in Canada

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  • columbine(erin) replied 10 years ago

    Buy these and keep looking?

  • adorkable replied 10 years ago

    Try them on for size and then work out a clandestine deal with one of us to send them to you?

  • replied 10 years ago

    I would say try them and make sure they fit. If they do, then I am sure a fabber in the US will send you a pair.

    These look Okala-esque and may be worth a try too:




  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    Shannon, here you go: http://www.shop.ca/c/womens-sa.....tb=5122993

    I found them at HeelBoy. 

  • Angela K replied 10 years ago

    Go for these and I know you will want a second pair!  I just bought them in the nude color and they feel and look fabulous. I know I will be keeping an eye out for a good deal on another color combo and I just bet you will too!

  • carolbee replied 10 years ago

    I feel your pain, try shopping from Australia.......

    That's not really fair since Canada is at least closer to the US but it is so frustrating isn't it. Supposed to be a global economy these days, but only when it suits them... (whoever them may be!!)

  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    Oh...but I see they are pricier anyway....  

    My US address is the answer. Or Kinek. 

  • amiable replied 10 years ago

    I was just going to offer what Ceit said.  In fact, if you're fast, I'm coming up to Canada next week and could just pass them off to Suz, Sveta, Merwoman or one of the other fabulous fabbers that I intend to see there.

  • biscuitsmom replied 10 years ago

    YLF'ers to the rescue :)  Hope you find a pair that works great for you

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    Well based on your comments (for which I thank you all), I will pop by The Bay to at least try on my size and make sure they fit and are comfortable for my foot. I will also try on the Nine West version which Ceit provided links to (thanks Ceit!).

    After that, I'll decide whether to order or not. Unfortunately with our newest dump of snow, I may not get to the store to try on for a few days yet.

    Amy - you are so incredibly sweet! First you help me obtain the Spiegel lemming jacket and now you offer for shoes too :) Definitely worth a quick think about - if I order from Amazon and deliver to your place, that could work.  I'll PM you to discuss further.

    YLF wisdom hard at work again!

  • rachylou replied 10 years ago

    That seems so odd. Black has got to be hands down the biggest seller in shoes.

  • Jules replied 10 years ago

    Yeah, it drives me nuts that we get limited colourways here. It's like a tease to get the shoe, but not all the colours available.

  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago

    What we need is a world without shopping borders!  Free the shoes!  (Or, even better, free shoes).

  • Angela K replied 10 years ago

    I agree with Beth Ann.....FREE SHOES for everyone! HEEHEE! :)

  • Vicki replied 10 years ago

    It's worth the search; I have several pairs and they are as comfortable as Angie reported.

  • Neel replied 10 years ago

    Fingers crossed for you Shannon. Hope you find the perfect pair.

    And Ceit, you might have just tempted me to check out those nine west shoes :). I hope the retail stores here stock it!

  • Susie replied 10 years ago

    Just a quick note on the Nine West. I had considered ordering them in white and was able to try them on in a different color. The Okalas were a much better fit for my widish foot.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    Free shoes for everyone? Lol - I wish!

    Susie - good to know 'cause I definitely have a medium tending towards wide foot. Did you buy the Okalas?

    I have the feeling that The Bay might bring in other colors - they originally started with just one color in the pumps I have and literally within a month, had about 4-5 other colors.

  • Kristin SF replied 10 years ago

    I definitely recommend trying on the color that is locally available first, if you can.

    I have a short, M to W foot. Typically I'm between 5.5 and 6. In the Okalas, the size 6 fits. And yes, the heel height is great, super walkable. However, the shoe itself is a little snug around the widest part of my foot. So I can wear the shoes for a full day at work, but my feet are definitely pinched at the end of the day. Ideal wearing time for these shoes, for me, is about 4-5 hours.

    I think I saw mention of a W version on the actual Sam Edelman site, but I was never able to find my size in the W.

    Good luck! These shoes really do look great with jeans, so I have already duplicated, despite the snugness. :-)

  • Susie replied 10 years ago

    Shannon, I did not buy them but I really liked them on. I tried the smooth black. I saw that there is also a croc embossed black that looks interesting.

  • Jjsloane replied 10 years ago

    I have a widish foot and they hit me at the widest part of my foot and would not work. A little less or a little more on the toe and I would have been fine. My Lord & Taylor had them - have you checked with them? 

  • abc replied 10 years ago

    Lol beth ann !

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Deborah replied 10 years ago

    Shannon I hear you loud and clear.  As Carolbee said, trying shopping in Australia:)

    Just wondered, can the Bay order the black in for you?

  • lyn* replied 10 years ago

    The Bay is evil. Sorry you've had to go through all this Shannon and YLF is so wonderful! It touches my heart! :)

  • Adelfa replied 10 years ago

    I think you might really like the black and tan and find it super wearable. While adding that I fully support your having ALL of the options available!

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