WIW: Remember this dress?

One of the perks of having lost a bit of girth is some of my older items are coming out of the holding zone and finding new life - this wrap black/white print dress is one of them. There were a few of us who purchased this Maggy London dress when it was an Angie pick 3-4 years ago. So fun to put it on again!

On top of this graphic print dress, I added a denim vest - I thought it would be a fun juxtaposition between a fairly classic style dress and a bit of distressed denim. The vest is actually one of my older denim jackets that I just hacked the sleeves off of. I like the cropped length for a vest.

I chose my black Clarks sandals, citron handbag, white watch and black/white specs to finish off the outfit. 

Does this work? Or does the combination of this dress and denim vest look off to you? I did try the dress as well with my white denim jacket and admit that looked better but I thought the vest would be a fun option. As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Dress: Maggy London
Vest: Brody Jeans (thrifted)
Sandals: Clarks
Handbag: Sergio Ferretti
Watch: thrifted


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WIW: Drapey Top, Ankle Pants & Ankle Straps

Don't you just LOVE Angie ensembles? :) I decided to give the drapey top, ankle pants and ankle straps outfit a go while debuting two new items.

My outfit started with my white jeans rolled to ankle length. I then added my asymmetrical black EF sleeveless tunic. I really appreciate the fit of this item with the wide straps so I can wear sleeveless in the heat without my bra straps showing and the underarms come up nicely so no side bra issues. I will be wearing this a lot.

On top of the tunic, I've layered my black linen EF back-drape cardigan. I've lightened the photos to try and show the detail of the back of the cardigan but sadly it didn't really work. From the front, this is just a regular cardigan and then in the back, there is a strap that goes around the back of the neck and the entire back panel of the cardigan drapes down like a large cowl neck and exposes the back of what ever under layer you are wearing. It's positively gorgeous and dramatic. Unfortunately the beauty of this piece is lost in photographs.

For my ankle footwear I chose my ancient and well loved bone silver strap sandal shoes. I can't wear these too often now as the arch support isn't the best. But I can manage them once in a while on a days when I'm not doing too much walking.

Silver wedding band, white clutch with cognac strap, red specs and a swipe of bold red lipstick finish off the outfit.

Thoughts? As always all comments/suggestions welcome.

Tunic and cardigan: Eileen Fisher (eBay)
Jeans: Reitmans
Shoes: Fugitive
Clutch: Danier Leather

ETA: Stock photos added of the tank and cardigan so you can see the detail better.


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WIW: Inspired by Angie (& a question)

I'm ALWAYS inspired by Angie, but her outfit yesterday made me smile big time. Not only was it colourful and beautiful but it reminded me that there is nothing wrong with wearing old favourites. So my outfit today is comprised of old favourites with new(er) shoes.

I first grabbed my black/white marble print VC tube skirt (waving to skirt twin Elizabeth!). I paired that with my black lace tee. I then topped that with my mixed media denim jacket and added my front-cross strap shoes for comfy footwear. My citron clutch, white bangle watch and red specs finish off the outfit. 

I realize in looking at my outfit, it is basically my individual version of Angie's outfit - skirt, top, denim jacket, strap shoes and clutch. Thanks for the inspiration Angie :)

As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

QUESTION: Now that I'm wearing lower heeled shoes with my VC tube skirts, I'm wondering if this looks a bit long? Should I take an inch or so off the bottom? 


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WIW: Inspired by Deborah

I absolutely adore Deborah's beautiful black layered outfits and today is my inspiration outfit. 

My outfit started with my black EF draped front dress. This dress has been a workhorse for two years and shows no signs of slowing down in my wardrobe.

Overtop of the dress, is my new EF linen-crepe knit sleeveless vest. Unfortunately the layering is slightly "off" due to the length and shape of the dress sleeve underneath and the lighting in my pics (even with some over exposure) does not show the vest at all.

For footwear, I went with my nude SM peep toe sandals and grabbed my bright citron handbag for a pop of colour. Black/white specs, gold wedding ring and gold mesh bangle finish off the outfit.

As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Dress and vest: Eileen Fisher (eBay)
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bangle: Michael Kors
Handbag: Sergio Ferretti


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