Review: Clarks Sage Glamour ankle strap pump

Unfortunately I'm typing this from my phone so can't link to my previous post. I recently ordered the Clarks Sage Glamour ankle strap pump - the Clarks version of the YLF famous Okala. They arrived today and here are my observations/thoughts:

- They are significantly better for my feet than the Okala. They are wider in the fore foot than the Okala even in the regular width. They also come in wide. Because of this they accommodate my bunions quite comfortably. They also work very well for my high volume feet.

- The arch support is quite decent and my foot feels very supported.

- I love the closed back as it makes the shoe feel more substantial and sturdy. Less chance of my foot sliding around.

- The leather is gorgeous and the snakeskin print on the suede forefoot is gorgeous.

- The heel is just two inches and due to the "pitch" is more than manageable.

- These will fill my pointy toe dressy shoe needs perfectly.

Now for the downside....oh wait...there is NO downside! These are staying and when it stops snowing (sigh) I will be wearing them happily. Yay - another shoe need crossed off the list!


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Greg & Angie - can't thank you enough!

I had soooooo much fun playing with the new ROG feature yesterday. But soon realized that I did not have enough items in My Wardrobe in Finds to create many outfits using my own clothing. Since much of my wardrobe consists of purchases through eBay or Canadian sites not connected with YLF, I decided to scroll through sites supported by the Finds feature and grab like items and pop them into my wardrobe anyway. They are not necessarily the exact pair of cargo pants, but similar, you know? This took me around an hour this morning.

Now when I go ROGue, I am actually creating all sorts of ensemble possibilities. Do you have ANY idea how wonderful this is going to be on those mornings when you really can't figure out what to wear or you want to try something different? Go ROGue and presto - today's outfit stares you in the face.

Between the Finds feature and the ROG feature you have given me endless creative possibilities and I can't thank you enough.

YLF ROCKS BIG TIME!!! :) :) :)


WIW: Black, grey & olive

I figured you must all be getting quite sick and tired of seeing my same items over and over - such is the reality of a small wardrobe :) But today I pulled out a summer tank I purchased last year to add to some of my old favourite pieces and added a bit of jewelry to spruce things up a bit.

My outfit started with my dark green olive cargo pants to which I added my light grey oh-so-soft and comfy drapey asymmetrical tank. This top has the coolest hemline that's curved and asymmetrical. I then reined in the volume of the tank and "corporate-ized" the outfit with my trusty black blazer. For footwear I went with my ancient Clarks shooties (bare footed but I have my Chelsea boots in my bag to take to work because it's supposed to snow later in the day).

Accessories include my black patent clutch - the sharp angles give the outfit more structure - my 50th birthday long silver pendant, a chunky gunmetal cuff, red specs and red lipstick. 

Over to you fine ladies - what do you think? Do the tank and blazer work together? I kind of like how the hem of the tank peeks out here and there underneath the blazer - or does it look off? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Blazer: Nygard
Tank: Eileen Fisher (eBay)
Pants: Ricki's
Shoes: Clarks
Clutch: Danier Leather (thrifted)


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WIW: Feeling Neutral

Today I felt like wearing an all neutral colour palette and it's warm (and dry) enough today to bust out my new peep toe sandal booties (waving to twin Suz!).

My outfit started with my TR Brianna white BF jeans, cuffed twice in order to show the sandal booties. I then added my white/black animal print light weight knit pullover. I added a cognac belt (doesn't really show in the pics, does it?) and then semi tucked the pullover. This time I tucked more to the side instead of the centre as it gave the pullover a slight asymmetrical shape, which I'm really loving these days.

The sandal booties are a fabulous camel colour and I have the sneaky suspicion these are going to be somewhat of a game changer for my style - when I put them on this morning with the rolled jeans I kind of went "ooooh"…really like the effect and I don't find them leg shortening - of course, I could be in denial :)

I then grabbed my vintage Ralph Lauren cognac leather handbag, my rose gold/black watch, and red specs. Oh…and in honour of our fabulous guest blogger yesterday and Una's wonderful thread on changing up our hair, I've done just that - I normally wear my asymmetrical fringe down on my forehead and slightly swept to the side but today slicked it back a bit. Nice to change things up now and then.

Would love your thoughts on this outfit - does it all work together, are the proportions ok, does the vintage handbag work, and what do you think of the hair? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Pullover: Cleo Petite
Jeans: True Religion Brianna
Belt: Danier Leather
Sandal booties: Steve Madden
Handbag: Ralph Lauren (vintage)


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