The Naot shoes have arrived and...

My feet are positively SINGING with comfort!!'

Following my various posts on foot woes, the first pair of shoes I ordered were the Naot Lan in black. (I'm on my phone so can't link to my previous thread)

Here are a couple of quick pics taken as soon as I got home with what I wore today and then with my aviator troisers just as a pants example - I don't wear these pants rolled but wanted to give you an idea of how the shoes would look with cropped pants.

I know these won't be to everyone's liking but I can carry a chunky shoe (right Angie?) and I actually like the geeky look of these.

And then there's the comfort. Without a doubt 11 out of 10! So these are a huge KEEP for me and I promise to make them look stylish :)

Thanks Sharan for your info on these shoes. Flat black shoes - crossed off the list. Onto the next item...


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WIW: Not Picasso

I wasn't on the forum the last couple of days so missed the start of the Picasso challenge (brilliant Angie!). So unfortunately today's outfit is not a Picasso interpretation. Hope y'all can forgive me - lol! I also had to take the pic quick in the boss' office as my camera was acting up this morning and I was running late and it's been CRAZY today.

The outfit started with my simple black pencil skirt and black knit tank. Nude microfishets are a nod to spring. I then added my Docs for comfy footwear - plus I adore the juxtaposition of clompy boots with a skirt or dress. I then topped everything off with this fab little Levi jean jacket I thrifted on the weekend. I already have a light denim/leather sleeved jacket but the "regular" denim jacket I had was too cropped - not into the super short style as much now so was on the hunt for something a little longer. This genuine Levi jacket appeared for $4.99 and I swooped in and grabbed it.

My citron handbag provides a lovely bright color to counteract the fairly dark outfit and then I added a vintage brooch of my grandmother's on the front of the jacket for a bit of sparkle and whimsy.

So what say you oh wise ones...does this all work together? Proportions ok? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket: Levi (thrifted)
Tank: Sears
Skirt: Cleo Petite
Boots: Doc Martens
Hose: Hue
Handbag: Sergio Ferretti


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The power of clothes

On this glorious Spring day, I'm putting away my heavy winter clothes (waving to fellow puffer-putting-away Fabber Sveta). There's something so cathartic in cleaning a closet isn't there?

As I pulled out my spring/summer items from last year I was thrilled to see that they all still fit! But what I noticed more than anything is that all of my EF pieces (the slim cropped black pants, the black/white ombré sleeveless silk top, the silver linen blend tee, and the two drape front dresses) and the blush drapey BCBG top that was an Angie pick still fit my style aesthetic, even with the slight shift I'm experiencing. And I think I love them even more now than when I bought them. I FELT so good in these items then and now. Such a wonderful feeling! Obviously my new motto of "buy less, buy better" is going to serve me well.

I've also gone through my spring and summer shoe and sandal capsule and I'm in better shape than I thought.

A couple of new pieces for the warm season and the addition of my citron handbag and my wardrobe will feel completely refreshed. And the result of this cleaning and trying on morning? One fantastic mood!

Dusty Bottom even felt like pitching in :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Anyone familiar with this EF dress?

I've been toying with the idea of a shirt dress for spring/summer but want one with a bit more substantial fabrice - nothing too "floaty". Would also like something that would work with tights and booties in cooler weather but with sandals and bare legs in hotter weather.

I love this Eileen Fisher chambray blend shirt dress - it has sleeves that can be full length or rolled with tabs, has a bit of structure too it and could work for both weekends and work.

  • Has anyone seen it IRL (it's from last year)?
  • Not sure this shape would work on an apple - thoughts?
Sorry to be such a forum hog the last few days - the changes in season always gets my fashion juices flowing!


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WIW: Wide Leg Jeans for Casual Friday

TGIF!!! And my sympathies for anyone who suffers from Spring allergies 'cause mine hit me last night like a ton of bricks - even my eyelids hurt!

Anyhoo….on to today's outfit. It started out with these recently thrifted wide leg dark wash jeans (no label so don't know the brand). The leg shape on these is wider than a traditional bootcut but not a full blown wide leg. Normally I would not wear a leg quite this wide on my short stature but with the dark wash and a bit of a heel, I quite like them. And it makes the jeans a bit more like trousers for work.

I added a white lace cami and my white drapey wrap tee and then topped that with my red blazer, with cuffed and scrunched sleeves to show the black/white houndstooth lining. 

My red booties, navy leather handbag, and red specs finish off the outfit.

What do you think? does this shape of leg work for short me? Or do they make me look wider and stumpier than I am? Give it to me straight - the jeans cost all of $6.99 so I'm not attached to them in anyway :) As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Blazer: Cleo Petite
Jeans: ?
Boots: Sam Edelman
Handbag: Coach - vintage


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Fussy Feet Shoes I like (ETA a refined possibility added)

Hope I'm not driving you crazy with my posts regarding my fussy feet and shoe woes :(

Suz asked me in my previous thread about what kind of shoes I'm looking for. I'm actually looking for a bit of variety - shoes I can wear to work with skirts/dresses as well as pants that are both closed toe and open toe/sandal for warm weather. I'm also looking for casual footwear to wear with jeans, shorts and lots of walking. We're going to the west coast for a holiday this summer and we always do a TON of walking when we're there. I'm wanting footwear that is comfortable first and foremost and then has a bit of style - looks modern. I know trendy won't necessarily fit with what I can wear. No more pointy toes and no more heels over 2 inches. I can't wear slingbacks as the back strap does not stay on my sloping, narrow heel.

So taking those parameters into consideration and looking at my two favorite brands that my feet love and work for all of my various increasing foot issues - Doc Martens and Naot - here are some offerings that I genuinely like. They are also available either locally or online with good return policies and reasonable shipping.

#1 - Doc Martens ankle strap shoe
#2 - Doc Martens open weave shoe
#3 - Doc Martens floral canvas shoe
#4 - Doc Martens black/white tassle oxford
#5 - Naot black pump (heel is 1 3/4 inches)
#6 - Naot black/blue Kedma lace up oxford (Angie pick)
#7 - Naot gold gladiator sandal
#8 - Naot red patent (same as black pump)
#9 - Naot white sneaker
#10 - Birkenstock white Arizona (my black/white polka dot Birks were an absolute workhorse last summer)

In looking at these the white Birkenstock Arizonas are a no-brainer - I will be buying these. Thank goodness for the sporty lux trend.

I also think the white Naot sneakers will be purchased as they will be fabulous walking shoes and will look cute with casual skirts/dresses as well as shorts and jeans. Again - whoo hoo for sporty lux!

I think the gold Naot gladiator style sandals could work well for the office. A nice metallic neutral that is a bit dressier.

I've also decided that replacing my footwear is my #1 style and wardrobe priority this year and because of the price of the footwear that works for me, will exhaust my wardrobe budget. Therefore I will need to keep my clothing purchases to a minimum in order to build up a capsule of comfy shoes and sandals.

So over to you...are there any of these particular shoes/sandals that you can see for me or any that make you say "what are YOU thinking?".

And if you've made it through not only this thread but my entire whining session about feet and shoes, I do thank you :)

ETA: I just found this fabulous little shoe on the Clarks website. It comes in wide which is a bonus since that style that cuts across the bunion can often be too narrow (the problem with the Okalas) and the heel is 2 inches. I am definitely going to try these as they have the more refined look I'm wanting but can't seem to find in a comfort shoe. Soooo excited about this possibility! Here's the link


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WIW: With Sensible Shoes

Thanks to my foot issues today's outfit started with sensible shoes - the one pair of Naot shoes I own. Now how does a gal try to add a little edge and her own style aesthetic to a pair of sensible shoes???

So the outfit started with my Naot Mary-Jane pumps which are a sort of gunmetal colour. Thanks to the glorious warm Spring weather, I have swapped out my tights for nude micro fishnets. Then I chose my animal print pencil skirt and added a simple white tee that has a bit of drape to it. On top of that to tie in the darker shoes and add a bit of urban edge, I added my black leather blazer and scrunched the sleeves.

Black patent clutch, taupe and silver wrap watch, silver wedding ring, red specs and a swipe of berry lipstick finish off the outfit.

So…did I manage to still show a bit of my style even though the footwear isn't edgy or funky? It's going to be a bit of a challenge to keep my feet supported and comfortable and still maintain my style - footwear has always been a key component in my outfits. Thoughts and comments welcome :)

Jacket: Danier Leather
Tee: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Cleo Petite
Hose: Hue
Shoes: Naot
Clutch: Danier Leather (thrifted)
Watch: Fossil (eBay)


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Not giving up on Eileen

In a previous post, I expressed some concern with how to marry my love of Eileen Fisher clothing (comfort, quality, wearability) with my desire to return to a bit more structure in my outfits, toning down the amount of volume and the direction I'd like to head for Spring

I've recently ordered the navy blouse below (it's with Wonder Woman getting the sleeves shortened) and I have a pair of the Eileen Fisher slim ankle white jeans on their way to me from my favorite eBay seller. I've also purchased Steve Madden nude peep toe sandal booties (pic #6). It's a start.

These pics are examples of the direction I'm wanting and they are all from Eileen Fisher's line - "controlled" drape on top with structure on the bottom. Do these outfits fit my new goals and Angie's SSS description (Sharp, Structured, Simple)?

To clarify, it's not that I'm going to purchase these exact items (although I'd LOVE to!) but rather the silhouette and simplicity of the outfits I'm wanting to emulate.

Ok - over to you wise ladies - thoughts???


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WIW: Olive & Black

Late to the Olive and Black party - hope you can stand one more iteration!

Today's outfit started with my trusty olive cargo pants (one of my BEST fast fashion purchases EVER!). I didn't have a black and white striped tee as per Angie's ensemble, but thought my black/white ballerina tee would work to bring in that bit of white. I topped the tee with my black suit blazer to bring in an element of "office wear" and then added my Docs for comfy footwear. Finishing touches to the outfit included my large chrome/white watch, red specs and red lip and my black leather handbag.

I've worn olive and black many, many times since I bought these pants and I never tire of it. Thanks for keeping us inspired Angie :)

Thoughts on this outfit ladies - proportions, combination? As always, all comment/suggestions welcome.

Blazer: Nygard
Tee: Smart Set
Pants: Ricki's
Boots: Doc Martens (eBay)
Watch: thrifted
Handbag: Danier Leather


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Ask Angie: Pant Length Help Needed Pretty Please

I posted a thread last week about turning my EF faux wrap pants into cropped ankle length instead (sorry - on my phone and can't link to that thread).

I found the fabric of the EF pants a bit light in weight for our cold weather and layering tights underneath makes them cling like crazy.

I also found the full length to make me feel a bit frumpy in these because of the soft fabric and drape - a bit pajamas-esque, you know?

I think cropping them though and turning them into something akin to a silky track pant would work great for warmer weather and increase the likelihood of being worn. Plus adding that bit of ankle and lower calf skin adds structure.

So I have loosely pinned the hems to the length I'm thinking of but would value your opinion on this.

Is this a good length or should they be shorter or longer? Or will these pants not work at all with this alteration?

Thanks in advance :)

(And sorry for the not great pics - phone is all I have access to at the moment)


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