WIB: Even more slouch

As Una predicted, I'm kind of loving the whole BF jeans thing - such a shock to me! I already have the one pair of Gap Sexy BF jeans in my actual size and I went ahead and ordered a second pair one size up. I love them even more!!!

I took these shots super quick and they aren't the best (shirt's all crooked), but you get the idea. You'll notice this isn't posted as a K/R - 'cause I'm keeping them!

Angie - if you see this, what do you think of the length? Should I take a couple inches off and make the roll a bit higher and thinner?


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WIW: A little DIY and forgotten shoes

After my post yesterday about cutting off the attached wrap around self tie on my navy eyelet dress (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....cut-it-off), I went "snip snip" and a whole world of possibilities opened up for different belts for the dress. I popped out to see if I could find any bright coloured belts that tickled my fancy, but nothing sparked my interest so this morning, I added my bright red skinny leather belt that I already had and then I remembered these Clarks Indigo red shoes that I had completely forgotten about. Shame on me! These shoes have an ankle strap so have the potential to be leg shortening but I'm not going to fret about that because I love these shoes and they are extremely comfortable. A swipe of red lipstick and my yellow and cobalt leather faux snakeskin clutch and I'm ready to go.

Over to you...was cutting off the self tie belt a good idea? How are the proportions and colours in this combination? As always, all suggestions/comments welcome.

Dress: Anne Klein (consignment)
Belt: Attitude by Jay Manuel
Shoes: Clarks Indigo
Handbag: Trouve
Watch: Gucci (thrifted)


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Should I cut it off?

I love my navy eyelet Anne Klein dress (shown in this outfit http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ne-cleaver) but I'm finding the attached wrap around self tie belt a bit limiting in terms of styling. I would like to be able to wear different colours belts with the dress (red, snakeskin, citron, etc.).

Should I carefully cut off the attached tie/wrap belt or just leave it as is? Would a different coloured belt chop me in half and make the dress less attractive?

What would you do?


WIW: Lovin' Me Some Orange

This top makes me soooo happy - I don't think you could be sad wearing all these swirling colours together, having your shoulders peek out, and adding in the huge dolman sleeves - just makes me smile!

I've paired this crazy cold shoulder top with my black clams but then to bring out the oranges more in the top, I'm wearing my orange wedge sandals. I didn't have time to switch out my handbag so still using my black/white one from yesterday. Hope it works ok.

I'm also showcasing my new bracelet that I thrifted the other day. I'm guessing it's 1980's and It's big and chunky, which I'm digging.

So what do you think? Does this work? Proportions and colours work ok? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Top: Laura Petites
Clams: Reitmans
Sandals: Aerosoles
Handbag: Danier Leather (thrifted)
Bracelet: thrifted


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Input please on Barcelona dress cover up

I posted a while back about this dress from Barcelona and wanting to wear it to Kristin's wedding (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....dress-work). I have two options in my Etsy cart which I think would work as a wrap in the evening, if need be.

Which would you choose?



P.S. I found a strapless bra that comes far enough down in the back to work with this dress so problem solved!


WIW: Girly with a hint of edge

Have I mentioned I love this floral frock? Definitely one of my favourites. The shape of the dress is fab, it hides most of my wobbly bits, it's fully lined and it's loaded with pretty bright flowers! I've paired it with my peachy-pink Gap cropped jacket and then added my studded metal cuff, chunky Fly London sandals and a simple black/white handbag for a bit of edge. I do like to keep the girly factor from getting completely out of hand when I wear this dress!

What do you think? does this work? as always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket: Gap (thrifted)
Dress: Cleo Petites
Sandals: Fly London
Handbag: Danier Leather (thrifted)
Cuff: thrifted


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K/R Two Colourful Pencil Skirts

Well I can blame this purchase on Sveta and Jem - all their talk of Calvin Klein dresses and Fossil handbags at Winner's got me so excited I just had to nip there right after supper (lol)!

No Fossil handbags in the one in my area and the Calvin Klein dresses were already sold out in my size, but I did find white jeans from White House Black Market, lots of Vince Camuto items, all sorts of other fabulous brands and lots of Tahari. Looks like maybe we'll be getting some better quality brands. And of course with Winner's, each one is slightly different so another store in another part of the city may have items that the one in my end doesn't have.

This resulted in me purchasing two knit pencil skirts for fall - one in a gorgeous burnt orange colour and the other in a rich cobalt blue colour. The orange one is by Grace Elements (never heard of it) and the blue one is Tahari, trimmed in black leather.

These aren't particularly exciting pieces but they are good basics for my work wardrobe and at least have some colour to them. These are items that I can wear to death.

So what do my YLFers think? Keep or return? BTW excuse the off-centered zipper at the back of the orange skirt - I obviously put it on in too much of a hurry.


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WIW: Shabby Re-Mix

Good morning my lovely YLFers! Decided to pull out my Shabby Apple skirt today as it is a dreary and rainy day (which we need) and the yellow will help me feel sunny!

I've paired it with my yellow tee which I've left untucked and then belted with a thrifted leather belt with a fab silver buckle, popped on my Pura Lopez brown suede bootie sandals (yes...suede in the rain...they are protected) and then topped it all off with my darker wash cropped denim jacket. I've added my brown raffia tote for my only accessory today.

I feel like this looks a little country, but I don't mind. I've added a picture of the last time I wore my Shabby Apple skirt for a comparison.

So how does this version work? Proportions and colours? As always, all comments/suggestions welcome.

Jacket: Brody Jeans (thrifted)
Tee: thrifted (no label)
Skirt: Shabby Apple
Sandals: Pura Lopez (thrifted)
Handbag: thrifted


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Shout out to Cleo

As you know, almost all of my dresses are from Cleo Petites. What can I say - they fit me right! Cleo has had seasons where I'm not impressed with anything, but this year I'm impressed with a lot of their dresses Take a look at a few of the offerings - I would wear any of these and think I may look to Cleo Petites again for my dress options and to heck with ordering from anywhere else. (BTW - i was not paid by Cleo to say any of this!)







Keep or Re-Thrift: Flare Jeans

I thrifted these Vigoss jeans about a month ago but with the oppressive heat we've been having, who is really thinking about jeans??? But I had a bit of time while hubby, Dad and son are off doing "guy things" to pop them on and post pics.

I like the retro flare of these jeans and the slight distressing here and there. I also like the faded wash for casual wear, which is what I'm looking for. The fit is good (I think) - the rise is definitely on the higher end but that kind of works for me as it holds in my wobbly bits.

Anway, over to you...how is the fit? Are they worth hemming (I need to take off about an inch) and wearing? Or do I just send them back to the thrift shop?

Thanks for looking!


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